Thumblr 1000 Follower Milestone Comic!

So today I hit 1000 followers on Tumblr, and to celebrate, I made a mini-comic that breaks the forth wall a wee bit.  Though I made it for Tumblr, no point letting everyone here miss out on the story.  Enjoy.

 It was a warm afternoon on the set.  My body still aching and quivering from the last scene we filmed. We were behind schedule by weeks, which put the heads of the production on edge.  It was a luxury to just have a coffee break, which I took advantage of every moment.

“We don’t have time!” yelled the director, his voice filled with frustration. “Well make time, I am not getting back into that costume until I am finished with my cup.” I yelled back.

I knew that voice anywhere. “Hey guys, it looks like Rexx is demanding me for a bit. Sorry.” I said as I walked up the stair. I could hear the director stomping around in hightening frustration. “Fine! Robyn, you fluff her co-star till she gets back, we need to keep him ready!”

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