Male Satyr

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Sinful Saturday! The Nightborne’s Plight

Commission – Purity Abandoned


The Paladin attempted in vain to resist the satyr’s alluring whispers, to quell her primal urges. Yet as he stood before her, his demonic cock erect and ready, all the discipline in the world could not stop her.

Xanakar Loses Control

“Yes, good boy! Ohhh. Keep up those movements with that filthy demon tongue of yours, and I may forgive you. Make me cum, and I will be sure to reward you.” GYF

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“My, my Starflame, so insatiable tonight, aren’t we? I wonder what your peers from Moonglade will think when the dawn comes and they’re sweet, innocent Star is no where to be found? Better yet, what if they were to find you willingly giving yourself to a reviled satyr?”

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A new guest of the Banetongue Hallow

Such a wild, feral creature! It takes rough quick thrusts to satisfy your sensual urges. So exquisite. Maybe I shall keep you as a pet. I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you?

Why one never wanders near a satyr’s lair.

One can not deny ones nature, young paladin. Once so pious, so driven, and so holy. Now you lay here willingly, legs spread and yearning for my seductive touch. You, young paladin, turned into the sweetest apple I had ever plucked from false purity.

Anyone have any ideas on a name for this guy?


New character design, Satyr with a penchant for trickery and stealing away sexy young ladies into the night to seduce and fuck silly.  Am designing some more characters to fill up my roster a bit on the men side of the coin, this guy being one of the first I am happy with.

Only issue, I have no idea what to call him.  I have thought about dozens of names and even got some suggestions from friends, but so far nothing has really grasped me.  So I put it to you, readers, to help me give this guy part of his identity!

Lok’tar Ogar!

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