Never break a contract with Mira

“Normally I cut down those that don’t honor their agreements, but let’s say we make a new deal. If either of you can make me cum, I will consider the contract fulfilled.” Mira said with a coy smile. “However, cum before I do, and I will cut off your dicks, and send them to your boss. How does that sound? Good? Well… better start concentrating. Hahahaha.”

Mira’s Day Off

This was a bit of an experiment doing my own head swap, plus morphing the body to be a bit less meaty.  Not as happy with it as the Jesana images but it’s a good little test. All credit for the model still goes to Primer.  Going back to the older models for my next work.

Lucky for the troll, this was a purely by chance visit and not due to her… “work” -Video Link-

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