The Bounty

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“Bastard…” Jesana whispered as she endured the demon hunter’s relentless thrusts, his demonic grip sharing a troubled familiarity.
“Silence. Remember, you brought this on yourself.” he sneered at her, making sure each trust went deeper and deeper, “All I wanted was the gold on your head, but after that show, you needed to be shown your place!” He thrust extra hard to punctuate his remark, making her yelp in surprise.

Jesana’s memory was hazy as the pleasure raised with each thrust, yet she recalled the ambush just that morning. She was on assignment in Azuna when they descended upon her. A party, ten strong, came looking to collect on a bounty her former “master” had placed upon her. When she made it clear she wouldn’t come quietly, they attacked without mercy.
When the dirt cleared, nine corpses laid at her feet. “Oh, I remember, you hung back like a coward as I slaughtered your friends.” she grunted with a smile, “What a pity.”
“I said silence!” her assailant yelled as he pushed hard and deep, holding his cock inside her, “It does not matter. You were tricked by my trap runes, and now I shall have all of the reward and more.” he growled. Jesana couldn’t see his eyes, but she could feel his gaze narrowing in on her.

Jesana bit her lip, “So… these bindings? Did my old master give them to you?” she asked coyly, taking the demon hunter by surprise. “Why does it matter?“ he questioned. Jesana closed her eyes, the familiar magic took hold any time she resisted, to make her docile, but they were much weaker than those used by her former captors.
As the demon hunter continued his onslaught, Jesana turned her head and smiled. She had broke from this magic before, on a much stronger level, and with a bit of time, she knew she could do so again. In the end, the demon hunter’s need to make an example of her for his own pleasures, rather than deliver her that night, would be his undoing.

Until then, she might as well enjoy herself.

Releasing Tensions

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Intelligence Gathering

To be an SI:7 agent requires a great amount of skill and situational awareness. As perhaps the most important members of the Stormwind military, working in total secrecy, operatives are trained to use any and all methods at their disposal to achieve their goals. So when conventional manners of retreiving information break down, sometimes they have no choice but to improvise…

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Fel Friday! Anu’aka’s Casting Couch

“Ha! How does it feel to have a real cock pounding you?” Embris taunted, a light smile crossing his face as he looked down on the exotic prone female before him. “Dis it? I guess it ain’t bad, bit small compared to da Amani tho.” Anu’aka shot back, biting her lip gently as she hoped her barb would bring out his wilder side.

“Why you… you Savage! I will show you my power!” Embris yelled as he grabbed her legs, pushing as hard and deep as he could.  “Dat’s betta!” she whispered, peeking over as the camera as it moved it’s gaze over her body.

Xixibit sighed, “Less talking, more banging!” as he kept the camera rolling.

Jesana stood sharp-eared among the machines and tables she knew so intimately, unease filling her mind as she waited.  She had gotten the call to meet her master, Lord Ravage, but was surprised to find the laboratory so empty.  Either she was in for a rough night, or something worse was coming her way.

“Here she is…” came the familiar voice of her master, though she was shocked to see who stood with him.  A blood elf, fel-infused with horns and spikes, looked at her with mischievous glee. “Splendid!” he exclaimed. “So it is true, the great Jesana Moonfall is indeed your bitch..!”

Jesana glared at the gloating newcomer; it was not like the master to take in outsiders other than as slaves. “Who are you?” she blurted out. “What is the meaning of this?”

Ravage ignored her, looking back to the elf. “You get one night. Now to hold up your end, warlock.”

Jesana watched with confusion as the warlock snapped his fingers. A demonic portal opened up, as if from another dimension through both time and space.  Out through it stepped a demonic draenei, her hips swinging with confidence as she looked towards Ravage with hunger in her eyes. “Ah, Embris,” she spoke, “you sure know how to make a girl happy.” But Ravage moved forward and took her by the hair, “You will not speak to him, you belong to me tonight, demon.”  The Sargerei bit her lip tightly in response, “Oh my, I like you already…”

Jesana clenched her fists, “Embris. That name… Where have I..?” she whispered, but the warlock was now upon her, taking control of her bindings and forcing her close to him. “Aww… Don’t remember me? Let me jog your memory. Ashenvale? A little warlock adventuring with his Imp companion? You split me in half?” The memories returned as he pulled her in close to his face and stuck his tongue down her throat, images of an apprentice warlock she personally cut down among her home forests.  She used all her will to back away. “You survived…” she snarled as he began to push her to the ground.

“Yes, indeed,” he grinned. “Warlock perks, and as I recovered I couldn’t get your face out of my mind… How it would look laying on top of you, filling you with my seed over and over again. You kneeling broken at my feet, those lips wrapped around my cock,” he continued, his voice turning more devilish with every word.

Jesana knew what was to come next as she looked to the side, her master ravishing the Sargerei from behind as she moaned in both pleasure and pain, “Do your worst, you rat,” she dared him, the warlock simply smiling in return, “Oh, I will.

Ravage and Munai animated by Medeister, Embris and Jesana animated by Rexx.  Story by Rexx, Edited by Medeister.  Images under the Collab gallery!

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