Commission – Thisalee Crow


“Unhand me! You… you harlot!” the blood elf yelled as he struggled, Thisalee paying little heed as her strength and vines kept him held tight to the forest floor. “Aww. The poor little Highbourne does not like being ensnared in my talons? I don’t buy it…” she taunted as he attempted to get up, her arm easily pushing him back to the floor. “Look at you, squirming like a delicious little worm.” She said, licking her lips. The blood elf felt her squeeze tight on his cock as she began to grind, “Urk… No! Must… ARG!” Thisalee let out a deep moan, “Now that is the worm I was hoping for, nice and stiff, just how I like it!”

The Sacking of Undercity

“With the Horde weakened, the Alliance saw fit to once again attack the Undercity. With the defeat of the banshee queen, many of the conscripts wondered why she didn’t carry any loot to be claimed. It was then they realized, she was the loot, and many hours of fun were had.”