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Questing in Durotar

This blood elf decided to take the long trip over to Durotar for questing, though she had a rather large ulterior motive.

Never break a contract with Mira

“Normally I cut down those that don’t honor their agreements, but let’s say we make a new deal. If either of you can make me cum, I will consider the contract fulfilled.” Mira said with a coy smile. “However, cum before I do, and I will cut off your dicks, and send them to your boss. How does that sound? Good? Well… better start concentrating. Hahahaha.”

Monday Remix! Sylvanas pulls too much Aggro.

Looks like Sylvanas had forgotten the number one rule of traveling in fel horde territory. They never travel alone.

Fel Friday! Bonus Angle!

Was trying out some other angles, rather liked this one, so decided to post it.

Fel Friday! Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas was amused when the fel orc attempted to ambush her. In the end though, she had a satisfying ride and was even able to play with her balls a bit. “bum bum bissssh”

Warm Night – Elven Edition

Someone liked my last animation so much they commissioned a variant of it.


Mira’s Day Off

This was a bit of an experiment doing my own head swap, plus morphing the body to be a bit less meaty.  Not as happy with it as the Jesana images but it’s a good little test. All credit for the model still goes to Primer.  Going back to the older models for my next work.

Lucky for the troll, this was a purely by chance visit and not due to her… “work” -Video Link-

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