Fel Friday! The Fleshlight!

Experiment Log 110615.  Had discovered a possible breakthrough in my gene conversion techniques using old Illidari records found in highest sections of the Citadel.  Though in-depth, the information would require much time to process and rectify with my own notes, leaving me with little time for my “daily exercise” with my beloved slaves.  Due to luck, one of the soldiers had left his flesh-light, known as a “Goblin” to the outside world, wandering behind in the labs.  Usage of said Goblin was adequate to my needs but will require further usage before can be properly reviewed.

A Contest of Cumming

“Figures you would ride it without any care, Jizzel.” Rinzy said with a smile, “Won’t work though, because once I get these hips moving he is like putty in my hands. You are going to lose this one.” Jizzel just looked back, pounding down into her lover, “Rinzy, baby, you know us goblins are the masters of making things explode, and my boyfriend’s dick is no exception. Might as well just give up!”

Small Trip + Background Girl Teasers

So at the end of this week I am taking a small trip with my family. Won’t be gone long, but likely means no updates or posts for about a week. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

Now, to hopefully wet people’s appetite for a bit, I am going to post some shots of the “Background Girls” in the video. These girls serve no purpose other then to fill up the background of the orgy and make it seem a bit more dynamic during certain angles, and won’t be given other positions.  The poses are still WIP and require some fixing later.

I also have a dwarf in this group, but for whatever reason attempting to render her causes the program to hang. Not sure why yet, but hopefully will fix when I get back.  Have a good weekend.


This orc was just happy they didn’t tie her to the rack before fucking her. More after the jump.

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