In an alternate universe, the Prince of Darkness proves victorious in the frozen wastes of Northrend, defeating the armies of the Alliance and the Horde and dismantling the Ashen Verdict once and for all.

While the Scourge sweep across the rest of Azeroth, destroying everything in their path, The Lich King personally sees to a select few individuals who would dare to defy him…

A Bang of Opportunity

“Wh… why!? Why did you kill me…” The farmer said as he laid nearly motionless on the barn floor, a single cut near his neck the entrance for the vile paralytic poison.  Mira laughed as the last of the poison overtook him, preventing him from even continuing his verbal protests, but she knew he could very much still hear her.

“Oh you will be very alive, in about six hours or so when my poison wears off…” Mira said with a grin, “This is purely a meeting of opportunity.  I was in the area, you have a cock, I need a good fuck, it just made sense. Enjoy it, or at least the best you can while laying there.”

Mira licked her lips as she pulled out her daggers and began to slowly cut up the farmers pant leg, eyeing the massive bulge below his suspenders. “Oh my…  I can tell this is going to require a bit more finesse.”

No More Tomes

“Yes, Commander, you called for me?”

Lakuu looked up to spy Khadgar striding into the room.  “Yes, I did” she answered, standing from her chair and knocking a pile of eerie books from her desk with a frustrated smack. “Ten tomes…  My forces and I have killed the greatest threats to this world, and all I got was ten tomes.”  She said, walking up to the mage and pulling her face in close to his.  “Tell me again how many you need…”

Khadgar pulled at his robe collar nervously, “I… um.. thirty-three to be exact.”

“Oh no.. no, no, no…”, Lakuu said as she reached down, picking up one of the tomes that now lay strewn on the floor.  “They say you are the greatest mage on Azeroth, you will take these ten, and you will give me my ring.”

“That is not how it…” Khadgar began to say firmly as Lakuu started to open the tome, “Wait! Don’t do that!” he said frantically, Lakuu holding a coy smile, “Oh I was just going to look at the pictures, do you want to see?”

Khadgar reeled back, “Not the pictures!  Okay, you win Commander. There is another way, but it requires incredible physical exertion.  How are you at jumping jacks?”

Lakuu slowly dropped the book back down, before striding slowly towards him. “Terrible, but I have a better idea…” she said as she moved in close to the magi, her breasts pushing close to his face as she reached around and began to run her hands through his hair.  Khadgar raised a brow before giving a smile of his own, “Oh… Well in that case, shall we begin?”