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Commission – Thisalee Crow


“Unhand me! You… you harlot!” the blood elf yelled as he struggled, Thisalee paying little heed as her strength and vines kept him held tight to the forest floor. “Aww. The poor little Highbourne does not like being ensnared in my talons? I don’t buy it…” she taunted as he attempted to get up, her arm easily pushing him back to the floor. “Look at you, squirming like a delicious little worm.” She said, licking her lips. The blood elf felt her squeeze tight on his cock as she began to grind, “Urk… No! Must… ARG!” Thisalee let out a deep moan, “Now that is the worm I was hoping for, nice and stiff, just how I like it!”

A Hallowed Bride

Come my dear, let’s go for a ride, and thou shall see, you will be my bride! What a creature you are, such strength and fire, yet now you must sate, my haunting desire! With my ghostly cock, I fill thee with every ounce, now don’t be shy, let’s see those titties bounce! HaHAHAHAHAHAhaHAhaHAHAHA!

Such Friendly Ladies

“H…husband!” the draenei women said as she peered into the warehouse, the sun from outside helping illuminate the scene before her. “Honey, ladies of town are very friendly. Really help get out stress for very little coin.” the husband said as he continued pumping his cock into the prone elf below him, “I think we come back more often, yes?”

Fel Friday! Jesana Moonfall!


An average morning for Jesana. Ravage makes it a habit to personally wrestle her from her slumber. He finds it the best way to get the blood pumping for a full day of further fucking. Honestly, I just wanted to use the latest Jesana setup this week. So ta da! It’s a bit early I know, but I have a full day tomorrow and was not going to get a chance to work on it otherwise. It’s Friday somewhere, right?

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