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Hellfire 2.0


Fel Friday! Elizabeth Crossover!


Fel Friday! Lara Croft Crossover!

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Fel Friday! Lulu Crossover!






Fel Friday! Jaina Proudmoore! Again!

Fel Friday! Alexstrazsa!

Thanks to Primer for allowing me to mess around with his Alexstrazsa edit. This was a fun one allowing me to experiment with lights and cameras a bit more out of my comfort zone. 720 Versions 123456789

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Fel Friday! Homecoming!

Kharon yearned to visit the land of her ancestors. She quickly learned it’s sometimes best to let old ghosts lay. -Angle 2-

Rexx Note:  This was a fun one, because I decided to try using some concept art for the background, which combined with the new models, turned out better then I expected.  I swear these models are great once you get the hang of them.  They have so much potential.

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