My site has been in dire need of some updates and improvements.  I have been holding off for too long, as I have been trying to keep productive in other areas, but right now, I feel this needs to become the focus until it’s properly repaired and made manageable, with all the integrations I need.  It’s not going to be an easy task, but it’s one I need to get done.  This site is my main pipeline, and it’s been mostly ignored on the back end.

I personally hate how unfriendly the site interface has become, and always hear complaints about how hard it is to find anything, both in the newer iteration and the older, so hopefully I will have that fixed in the coming days.  I expect to be down for most of the week.  If you need a quick fap, check out my tumblr or check out all my remixes and uploads on patreon.  Thanks everyone, and sorry I didn’t fix this sooner.