Reunion At The Waterfall – P2

The second part of my erotic story.  Lakuu and Grok have a bit of time to reflect on the past, before lust gets the better of both of them.  Good for them no Alliance or Horde bases are nearby, I would think wrestling around naked with the enemy could be considered treason.

The next part will release on Saturday.

Lok’tar Ogar!

As we embraced my thoughts drifted to earlier, “So about nearly taking my head off…” I asked, moving my hand up her back, gently feeling her soft skin.  She pushed herself in even closer, her breath causing goose bumps on my skin.  She moved up towards my ear, her lips touching it gently, “I didn’t at first, I was lost in the moment.” she confided, nibbling gently on my ear lobe.  “And pushing me over a cliff?” I continued, her nibble turning to a hard bite as if to punish me for continuing my questions.  She pulled away, looking me in the eye again, her smile falling for a moment as she ran her fingers down my face, “Because you never said goodbye.”

I felt my mind once again spin with regret, but she pushed herself up, kissing me tenderly on my lips before any words could come to me, “It’s okay, you and I both knew love was never an option.  Don’t wreck this reunion with false regrets.” she said as she moved her hands up through my damp hair.  I squeezed her tight into me, realizing my questions were doing neither of us favors.  “Let me guess, you were high on victory, drunk as a dwarf, and needed someone to entertain you?” I said playfully, attempting to get the mood back on track.

She looked at me with a raised brow, “Oh I had plenty of entertainment.  When the party ended I could barely walk for days.”  She reached her arms around my neck, bringing me close once again to her tender lips, looking for a hint of jealousy.  I smiled back to her, playing hard to get, “That’s not very pious for a paladin.”

“Being a paladin is all about passion, we leave the pious ism for the priests.” she shot back, her charms getting the better of me.  She moved in again close to my ear, nibbling gently as I heard her whisper, “Now are you going to take advantage of those passions? Or do I need to find another old friend to throw over a cliff?”

I felt her reach down and wrap her hand around my cock, it was now fully erect and throbbing.  I slid my hand over her ass squeezing her cheeks a bit, before reaching my fingers around to caress her nether lips.  She squirmed her hips as she exhaled, biting her lip and moving her tail in unison with my caress.  Without further word I reached down, grabbing her ass pulling her up off her feet, her breasts now dangling in my face.  Her body was firm, much stronger than I remembered, yet still as light as a feather.  I took one of her tits into my mouth, using my tongue to caress her nipple.  Her legs, hips and tail squirming with each movement “Oh Light… It’s been too long.” she whispered, my once bruised ego now growing with each pleasurable sound.

I felt her legs inch up around my sides, trying to wrap around me.  A playful idea popped into my head,  as she released her hold I threw her into the hair.  Her eyes opened in shock for a moment as she came down, her legs now resting on my shoulders, my arm catching her body and holding her up.  She looked to me, balancing herself on my arm, “Oh… this is a new one!” she said, wiggling her hips in my face.  I spared no time finding my mark, spreading her nether lips with my tongue and becoming familiar once again with her taste.  She moaned in pleasure, already wet and ready to go.


“Oh Light!” she screamed out, even the sounds of the falls behind us not doing much to drown out the sound.  She moved her hand up to her lips as if embarrassed by her outburst.  I laughed , my deep voice vibrating through my tongue into her.  She shook a little at the feeling, her breathing becoming even more heavy and labored.  “Is it as sweet as you remember?” she cooed.  I nodded as I continued, but she quickly pulled herself up, throwing me off balance and pulling her hips away from my face.  She seductively slid down my body, sliding through my hands as she went down to her knees, “Now let’s see if you taste the same as I remember…”


She wrapped her hand hard around my cock, lifting it up and touching the base of the shaft with her tongue, the sensation like silk.  As she moved up she gently pulled my cock down and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking gently. She moved her tongue around it in slow, deliberate motions.  Looking up at me, gauging my expression as my eyes hung heavy.  She pushed it in further, making sure to take little by little more with each motion.  I moaned as I felt my hips take control from me, wanting to push into her mouth even further.  She cooed her approval, the vibrations shooting through my cock and up my spine.


“You… you seem way better at this then I remember.” I remarked, not entirely sure why.  She looked up again, lightly biting down on the head of my cock as if to once again punish me, yet all it did was drive my blood into even more of a frenzy.


I reached down and pulled at her hair, she was taken by surprised as her smooth mouth left my cock.  I lifted her up and turned her around, grabbing her ass with both my hands and pushing my cock between her cheeks.  “Couldn’t wait any longer, huh?” she taunted, her eyes narrow with lust, “What are you waiting for?  Reclaim me…”

I pulled my cock from her cheeks and pushed it down between her legs, feeling for the warm heat of her nether lips.  She moaned as I rubbed it up against her, making sure not to rush, “Stop teasing me!” she snapped, reaching back and pulling at my shoulder.  I slid my arms around her body, my wide palm taking in her breasts.  She pulled harder, and slowly I pushed into her pussy.  I could see her bite her lip as it entered, satisfaction filling her eyes.  I pulled her hard into me, fully penetrating her tight, wet heat.


“Yes! Yes!  Fuck me… desecrate me! Oh Light yes!”

Reunion At The Waterfall – P1

Here we go.  The first section of my little three part short story.  With the frustrations I felt over Hellfire I figured a little more light hearted story could do me good, so I decided to take two of my main characters that I play and let them have a little run in on the isles of Pandaria.  Call it a little wishful fantasy.  Don’t worry about Ku’jin, we will be getting back to fucking her brains out soon.

Also as a little update on the future, I will be posting the poll for next weeks random tomorrow morning, and will also be getting a new face around here. Now back to finishing up those August Celestial’s so I can get my new serpent and flip them the Chi-ji forever (YSWIDT?).

Lok’Tar Ogar!

My heart raced as I ran through the forest, the sounds of my pursuers drawing ever closer.  I looked down at my bow, the once fine craftsmanship now splintered and cracked.  I had heard stories of the brutality of the mogu, but even I was not prepared for the titanic power flowing through their weapons. If I had not commanded my pet, Rockjaw, to draw much of them away and flee into the river, the chance of my own escape through the trees was slim.

“Damn it!” I whispered to myself, throwing down the cracked bow as to not let it hinder my speed.  I unclipped my quiver and shoulder-guards as well, discarding them in such a manner that it might mislead my pursuers.  Through the sweat dripping from my brow, I could see what appeared to be a ruin, the forest having consumed it as ages passed.

Without much consideration I jumped over the stone walls and into the ruin, landing among the rocky earth.  Relief washed over me as the wind filled my ears, “That was close” I thought to myself.

“Look what we have here…” came a sudden voice beside me, causing me to curse under my breath as the whip made contact with my armor.  I held back the pain, reclaiming my balance and looking on my attacker.  He was large, even by orc standards, with a twisted maw and dark, focused eyes.  I began to panic as two more of the mogu appeared from the ruin walls, surrounding me and laughing at my blunder.  I walked right into the trap.

“I warn you, I will not go down without a fight.” I threatened them, the one with the whip holding it tight.  “You expect to defeat three mogu with nothing but fists and words? I will enjoy making you scream and hand your severed head over to my master”  he answered, his hand reaching for the axe at his side.  I narrowed my eye, attempting to remain focused over the exhaustion, my nails digging into my palm.

Then a sound filled my senses, my keen ears picking up another among us.  The mogu walked with shadowy steps, but whoever now lurked didn’t have much skill in subtlety.  Those steps quickly turned to a jog, and quickly a sprint.  I looked in the direction of the new arrival, the mogu following my confused gaze.  “By the Thunder King! It’s… BLARG!” was all my attacker could say as a sword came down like a blur, slicing him clear in half.


For a moment I felt shocked, but that feeling turned to curiosity as she rose from her strike.  It was a draenei woman, her skin dark and her face exotic.  Light seemed to radiate from her, a warm glow that gave me comfort and ease.  She looked to me, her eyes narrowing into my own and a sensation of familiarity washed over me.

“Kill her!” came a voice behind me, the other two mogu still alive and over the shock of their leader getting obliterated.  The paladin jumped up and towards me.  Before I even could realize what was happening her hoof had nailed me hard in my abdomen, sending me flying into a nearby dias.  As I lay stunned I watched as she dispatched both the mogu with ferocity mixed with grace, her blade cutting through them like a knife through butter.

I looked at her as she stood victorious over the mogu, her hair blowing in the winds of the now silent ruin.  Her armor was ornate, seemed to be of local design, minus the shoulder-guards, which were of her people’s design.  The sword seemed to glow with cosmic power, likely a gift from her demi-gods. As I attempted to get up, she looked towards me, narrowing her eyes once again.  She sprinted my direction and took me entirely by surprise. I found myself speechless as she kicked me back to the ground, slicing her sword over her head and towards my prone neck, stopping just inches before the killing blow.

We said nothing for a few moments as I wondered if my life was about to end, but she seemed hesitant to carry out the kill.  I looked to her face, her soft hair, and then the tabard.  It was an older one, given to only the most elite of the Argent Crusade back during the war with the Lich King.  It was then the realization washed over me…

“Lakuu?” I whispered.


She looked like she was about to speak when noises arose in the distance.  More mogu were on the way to avenge the fallen.  She motioned for me to stand, keeping the sword at my back as I rose.  I thought that this couldn’t be my old friend from the old days, or if she was, she didn’t seem to remember me.

We both ran a good distance towards the jade cliffs.  I considered bolting for friendly territory, but considering how quick she was keeping up with me, I didn’t see me getting far before a sword cut through my heart.  We kept running until a dead end sat before us, a waterfall at the end of a sharp cliffside, overlooking into the ocean.  “Jump” she said, pushing hard at my back.  “What!? No!” I protested, but our momentum combined with her slamming her shoulder into me forced me over.  “Ahhhhh!” was all I could say as I thought I was falling to my doom.


Little did I know a small alcove sat below it, just before the larger drop.  I hit the water hard, but other then a bruised ego and wet armor, I found myself uninjured.  I heard a thud as Lakuu, or the woman that looks a lot like Lakuu, landed on a mossy rock a bit ahead, a smile crossing her face as I coughed up a turtle that got stuck in my mouth.  My ears perked, only the sound of water from the falls filling them.  I began to realize that the mogu never even gave chase.

I looked up to her, her arms crossed, “So… we meet again, Grok.”

“I knew it!” I yelled as I rose out of the shallow water, my armor feeling heavy. I attempted to climb out, but she put one of her hooves to my forehead, pushing me back down, “Hey!  I… I thought we were friends?”

“Friends?” she said with sarcasm, “I have not seen you in two years. The only thing we are right now is warden and prisoner, so take off that disgusting wet armor and clean yourself off.  I can’t take you to the stocks smelling like wet vermin.”

Her words stung a little.  The two of us started as enemies, her much less experienced in the art of combat, but as we worked together more and more with various factions that rivalry turned to friendship, and for a time, an unlikely romance.  Though when the time came for the attack on the Lich King, she was called to join, while I was left behind to wallow in my lost honor.  I admit I took it worse than I should have, and left for Orgrimmar before she returned.

“So this is how it will be then?” I said with anger in my voice, pulling off my armor one section at a time.  She nodded with a cold expression.  I grunted, “Fine, just don’t march me into Lion’s Landing while naked, give me that honor at least.”

As I took off the last of my garments I turned and began to wash my face on the water from the falls.  I admit the warm water felt good after working up such a sweat.  Being near death has a way of letting you appreciate the little things as they come.  As I washed my rough and calloused hands, I thought about how we separated.  As an orc I feel constant pride, and the pride makes it difficult to accept when I treat others badly.  “Lakuu… I…”

“Shhh” I suddenly heard, and I couldn’t say much more as I felt a hand touch my shoulder, turning me around.  Lakuu now stood in the water too, her body as bare as my own.  She pushed hard into me before I could react, her breasts squeezing into my chest as she looked into my eye,”It seems your ability to keep track of your surroundings has grown dull, Grok, you need to train a little more.”

“I thought you were a paladin, not a rogue…” I said with a sly grin. She reached up, touching me gently on my shoulder with her lithe  hands, I felt my muscles ease.  “So all that talk about being a prisoner and smelling like a vermin?  Was that all an act to get me naked?” I inquired, reaching my arm around to the small of her back.

“Oh the vermin part was true.” she smiled, “The prisoner part we can negotiate.  I may let you go for good behavior, but you have a lot to make up for…”


I felt my blood begin to boil as I reached around with my other free hand, grabbing her by the root of her tail.  She gasped, like I knew she would, “Still sensitive I see…” I said with a deep rumble.

She pulled herself close, kissing me gently on the neck as she reached down, grabbing my cock tight.  “Ouch!” I yelped as I pulled her in closer. She laughed gently,”Not as sensitive as you… green bean.”

I looked at her, my face turning to mild discontent.  I always hated it when she called me that.

Continued in Part 2 on Wednesday.

Random Bonus

So I learned awhile back that my friend on this blog, Silvyraven, was not having a very good month.  I wanted to come up with something to help cheer her up, and considering she has wanted her avatar to hump the brains out of my main avatar for a long time, I figured “Aw what the hell…”  So I give you my eye-patched hunter enjoying some alone time with Silvyraven!

Once again wish to thank LurkerGG for adding his own little touches that improve the image greatly.

That make you happy, Silvy?  Good.  Now get back in the cage!