State of the Rexx + Mini-Video

Hey just an update for those not following me on tumblr. I have been going through a bit of a funk riddled with some fatigue, and it’s making it hard to really get working on some things. Decided to post a test video I made using the Jaina/Garrosh animation with some updates and edits. (Click the image to view the video) It’s not perfect, but it allowed me to try some things that will hopefully make life easier in the future for video creation. I have already decided to delay the weekly, and might do the same for Fel Friday, but hopefully this can carry people over till I get myself out of this funk.

Fel Friday! Kylsata and the Controller!

“The… the magic still lingers inside my body. Corrupt and vile, it burns my blood and heats my…. I can’t stop myself… I… have to taste it…” Kylasta thought as she felt her tongue wrap around the warlocks cock. She looked up, his grim visage peering down at her with wicked satisfaction. “Good girl, you are learning much these last few weeks sucking off the peons in the barracks, now let us see what experiance you bring back to me. Mhehehehe.”