Twitter and Tumblr, Oh shit…

Been a busy week, still chugging away at work, life, the video, and such.  Anyone that knows me in real like I can be rather soft spoken with those I don’t know, and this carries over into social networks.  Took the temporary purge from Darknest and some help from Silvyraven to even get me to consider this blog.

It’s something I want to change.

On the first step to that, I have started both a twitter and tumblr account.  Anytime I update on the blog it will also update those locations.  I plan to further use them to either show off things that are interesting me, or just say what’s on my mind that moment, like all the other tweeumblarbooks or whatever.  Just bare with me while I kick the introvert inside me around a little.

Anyways, enjoy another video teaser image!

Jes “I wish that Lich was the one fucking me right now, but he’s too busy fixing Rexx’s buggy site 🙁 “

Release the Boner of War!

“All of you, leave me… except you.” he snarled as he pointed to the form of a young orcish woman. She stopped and turned his direction, the others continuing to clear from the fortress, “What is your command, Warchief?” she asked carefully. Garrosh peered at her as he remained still, “Undress… take it all off” he commanded with authority. The young orc was quick to remove her armor, her strong body toned from years of combat. Garrosh motioned her over to him as the last section of steel fell to the floor.
As she approached, Garrosh sneered at her, “You know what I want. Do not disappoint me.” The young orc smiled as she lowered herself to her knees, her mouth watering with anticipation and her heart swelling with pride, “As you command, Warchief”.

WARNING: Lots of loading. Got a bit carried away with the angles.

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Some helping hands…

I have become many things among the vile monsters that dwell deep in this putrid citadel. Trophy, Experiment, Slave… Yet it is the soldier, the stupid grunts, that only see me as nothing but a pink hunk of meat. A hot, juicy piece of flesh to be savored and enjoyed. They always share me until everyone has had a taste. How much I wish I could resist…

Rexx Note:  As you may notice some of the motions are similar to the last one I did with her.  I had about two hours to bust this out, so I decided it was either make a spin of an older animation or not post anything at all.  Hope you guys still like it.

Been pretty busy at work but I am still finding some time between calls to experiment with a few things.

As you saw earlier I made an image that is basically just another angle of the image I posted Monday.  I keep forgetting that I can technically get more then a single good image out of some of these little animations now that I have proper backgrounds I can work with.  Should probably keep that in mind.

Speaking of backgrounds, I have made two new ones to play with.  It was getting a little boring only having Hellfire and Robyn’s Ship, so I created Xanakar’s Lair, a small little satyr cave dwelling in which Xanakar often brings his “prey”.  It’s a little rough right now.

A little bare right now, and not the good kind.

The second location I started calling “Casa De Darksoul”, and is pretty much an orc “estate” I dreamed up for my favorite little female warlock, Shai, to throw some wild parties.  Other characters might crash there sometimes too, willingly or not.  I want it to be a good place I can have really any horde character get some action without feeling too out of place.

Many like to warm up with a drink by the fire.

A private bar? Did she blow Garrosh or something?

A nice little place to study horrible, demonic rituals. Also the stairway acts like a nice hanging spot for her bone collection.

Finally a cozy little hovel to sleep. Or not sleep, depends on if she has any guests.

Lastly, moving back up to that whole ability to utilize more angles of animations I already did, I decided I wanted to experiment a bit with making better looking penetration.  A sort of mixture of my old deformation animation and the 3D stuff I was trying.

Though making “wetness” will have to wait for another day (deforming it looks horrible), I made what I find to be a neat little close up of Greaz ramming his shaft into Jesana’s private bits.  Figured I could let everyone see, though this is going in the drafts folder since it’s not really all the exciting to post as a random and still a bit rough (damn you wetness!)

Now we just need a ball slapping sound effect.

That’s all the news for today, just keeping you guys a bit up to date on my smut-tastic adventures in art/manip development.