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A little bonus thanks to all those that contribute their amazing talents to help me become a better artist. Liard, GWorks, Zombina, Valnoressa (soonTM), and so many others. Enjoy these free remixes.
Etania / Grok (Liard)Etania / Ravage (Liard)Arice (Liard)Medusa (GWorks)Arianna (Zombina)Azuca (Albworks)Toree (wowmelettedufromage)Roulette (Cutiepie)Ethilya (Ethilya)Miranda (BrotherFuzzman)

Fel Friday! The Deal with a Devil

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Fel Friday! His Favorites Playthings

Jesana 1Jesana 2Jesana 3Jesana 4Jesana 5Jesana 6Jesana 7Jesana 8Val 1Val 2Val 3Val 4Val 5

Fel Friday! Eyir’s Bargain

Angle 1Angle 2Angle 3Angle 4Angle 5Angle 6Angle 7Angle 8Angle 9Angle 10

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