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The Twins, Meet the Grims.


Commission – Lonely Skell


Liu and the Yaungol


Liu Flameheart doubted the Yaungol could even break down the temple door, let alone make it into the courtyard. As they broke through and beat down her monks, she learned that doubt will always be her greatest enemy.

The Grimtotem Attack


After wandering too far into the territory of the Grimtotem, the sisters Kylasta and Lakuu are ambushed and taken captive by an elder brave and his rebellious adult son. Under the light of their camp, the father teaches his son how a true Grimtotem tames his conquests.

The Pirate Knows

“You know, Grok, I wondered why a member of the Horde would be running around with one of the Alliance.” Robyn said playfully, “Now I totally see why.”

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Sunrise in the Barrens

When this goblin asked “Where’s the beef?”, this traveling tauren was more then happy to oblige.

Wednesday Success! Finally got one of those new models to work!

Finally! Have to say, it’s a pretty impressive model.

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