A Choice of Spoils – 37
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A Choice of Spoils – 37

12 Responses to A Choice of Spoils – 37

  • That fucking jackass talos :/ i want to replace him! i mean fucking robyn AND jade?! damn son…

  • I swear, we need to do a fundraiser to get Studio FOW to animate one of these storylines.

    • Why Studio FOW? I’m pretty sure that if we throw the right amount of money at Rexx he’d be happy to animate it himself.

      • I think it’s the fact StudioFOW actually have the manpower to pull it off. Haha. Too bad they will never make another wow animation again.

  • You know after this i would want to see a story were Talos gets word that his ex-wife is beign held by that sadist fel orc and even though he still hasnt forgiven her deep down he still have some feelings for her and mounts up a solo mission to rescue her whitout captains knowing becasue its one of those ”i have to do this alone im sorry” -insert badass deep batman voice-
    anyways thats what i would love to see whit lots of twists and turns steamy romance but in the end a good ending and a final closure were Talos makes ultimate choice , does he forgives her ex-wife and starts over whit her or stays whit captain and the crew? wich ones will really be his family ? who knows? sigh that would be awesome

  • if I was Robyn I wouldn’t be down with Talos fuckin these other girls xD id be like “Bitch you is mine only”

  • Awww yeah…. and that was fast! Keep up the good work, Rexx! 🙂

  • I swear one of these days the paramedics are going to find me dead, butt ass naked with Rexx’s art still up on my computer. Rexx you’re killing me dude!!! LOL. That last frame though OMG her legs and feet in the air like that while Talos is dicking her down…. We need that!!!

  • Man that is hot. Any chance we could get an animated version of this?

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