The Sleeper Awakens – 18
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The Sleeper Awakens – 18

29 Responses to The Sleeper Awakens – 18

  • oh yes baby this is a best comic i’ve ever read

  • That part I wrote in caps? That was very clearly sarcasm. I was making fun of the idea of being realistic. Its porn about WoW. Realism is the furthest thing from my mind.

  • You know, I think one reason people are angry is that this comic is still going on rather long. Maybe next time I will focus on quick stories, maybe five panels tops and worry less about all the sex poses. Less room for people to become so invested that any development causes a schism.

  • This comic has indeed lost all quality. She is too forceful, for one, and the “I’m going to cum inside of you” bit should have never been added in the first place.

  • If you folk wanted realism, he should have gone off like a shotgun when she stroked him. I mean, it’s been what? 10,000 years since he’s had any actual physical stimulation? That said, I do hope Jesana’s keeping a close watch. Bring a guy to the brink too many times and the dam bursts, regardless of what the brain wants.

  • Wish to be clear that no actual dicks were harmed in the making of this comic. Whatever happens at the climax, whether he risks it or not, will not end with a bloody dick massacre.

  • Guy gives us free porn, excellent quality and some inbred named jason whines on it “not being realistic” when she has a husband. If i were Rexx, i’d quit knowing that a person like that even exists.

  • I don’t know why I get so turned on when a girl says not to cum in her but does anyway. :3

  • Personally? he can cum on her…shes an orc receptical anyways lol

  • How about he cums on her face? Are we all going to be happy with that?

  • I really want him to cum inside her.

  • She has to be somewhat faithful to her hubby, right? 😛

  • He should cum in her anyway…thats how these always end.

  • I mean, really, it’s like most WoW artists are terrified of cum and even thinking of cumming INSIDE of a woman gives them a stroke. ART MUST ALWAYS BE REALISTIC. ALWAYYYYYS. AND HAVE CONSEQUENCES.
    except when stamina is an issue, then they’re all olympic athletes.

    Most of the art I see you make, Rexx, I feel bad for the dude boning her. Never any relief. An endless boner, with swollen testicles, and absolutely no release. Perpetual near-orgasm state. That’s worse than any torture I can think of.

    • Orgasm denial is actually quite a thing for a lot of people.

      Who said the druid is not going to risk it?

    • Man, you’re really into creampies, aren’t you? Also, “ART MUST ALWAYS BE REALISTIC. ALWAYYYYYS. AND HAVE CONSEQUENCES” who says that? I’ve literally never heard anyone say that.

    • I think her being sensible is realistic. She’s married and therefore doesn’t want the extra risk of having his kid thrown into her little fling. Utterly realistic and reasonable. There’s plenty of cum shots and cream pies out there

    • This is literally the one time she gets to be a dom. Let her have that please.

  • “You cum inside me, I rip your dick off.”

    And the comic has lost all quality and appeal.

  • I love this comics so much, I never want it to end.

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