The Sleeper Awakens – 21
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The Sleeper Awakens – 21

14 Responses to The Sleeper Awakens – 21

  • Internal release is the best kind of release. <3

  • make me wonder how to cum

  • Finally, she become honest ^^

  • Hrm. Makes me wonder if with their immortality gone, certain biological urges are reasserting themselves with vigor.

  • Muhahaha. Yeees. I like this.

  • Wow, Rexx… You truly have some haters on this site. xD *Looks at the comments above* Either way, I love it! This whole chapter was awesome.

    I do hope we get to see the “consequences” to those words of hers 8-9 months from now. xP

    • Haters? I love his work! Doesn’t mean I don’t think Jess is a whore. I probably wouldn’t have made that comment if she was a human, but I since I adore Night Elven society this hits hard.

      Don’t get me wrong, as I said, I love Rexx’s works.

      • To be fair, all of Rexx’s characters are whores.

      • The thing about this, and I guess I didn’t really explain it all that well because I was trying so hard not to put in too much information (after how long the start of “Do or Die” took), but this is the first and really only time Jesana has done this. She gets caught up in it with this druid because she is mad at her husband and feels she needed some freedom from him, and gets caught up with Wildclaw in this spontaneous fit of passion, but it’s not like she was just fucking guys left and right for a thousand years.

        Even now she is mostly lost in her lust more then anything, because pleasure is a cruel mistress, and can sometimes cloud our reason. Until her capture at Hellfire she had been with approximately two guys and one girl, she was probably the most overall chaste character I had until her capture (maybe tied with Kylasta), so I wouldn’t really go as far to call her a whore.

        • Compared to the females of Azeroth in general, sure. But compared to only Night Elves not really. That’s why I said it wouldn’t matter if it was a human or some other race, well except Draenei aswell.

  • Well good thing she is captured now. The Kaldorei society doesn’t need such nasty hoes.

  • Such a temptation. What a way to wake up after a couple of thousand years sleep or so. 😛

  • Well I think everybody’ll be happy with that turn of event!

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