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The Sleeper Awakens – 25 – The End

26 Responses to The Sleeper Awakens – 25 – The End

  • Rexx, i really love Jes. Before and after that.

    I hate cheaters, but the pure desire can let people make stupid decision.

    You can’t think straight. The desire can gain quickly the upper hand. I think thats the Point the most People don’t think about.
    At that point she only was too horny and so frustrated. Thats why she made a mistake – a really bad mistake. But i don’t know.. i really like her and can kinda understand her. – And i’m a Woman too, so i can see why.. Even if i do not like it.

    I really really want to see more of her story. Shes my alltime fav <3

  • Loved the story but makes me feel sad somehow and wishing Jes could escape Hellfire some day, would be awesome having her back to good ole Darnassus…

  • I am not quite sure why you would write this story to ruin what you have build for her….

    I mean honestly before this story, I thought she was a strong willed woman who was to weak to give into her lust and become someone elses slave…Instead this story shows that she is in just denial of the pleasure and that she is weak. Thought all of the animations you have done for her, and the small amount of story givin to her before this she was such a interesting character…Now she is just a slut who cannot accept that she is enjoying it.


    • “shrug” This story was trying to establish one of the biggest reasons she resists so much, because she experienced such weakness before and she wants to make sure it never happens again, rather then just making her an always perfect, and rather, boring character before Hellfire. I guess I could have done a better job of it.

    • Wait how is she too weak to give into Stockholm syndrome? I like my non-con like others but breaking is probably a weakness not a strength imo.

    • Although i loved the story it hurts me to the very core having to agree with Disapointment since Jesana is my favorite character by a landslide, i have enjoyed the comic and the superb animations(as always!), but the final results of the story how everything had transpired definitely left a somehow bitter taste in the tongue, to speak so, and unwillingly made me feel a bit depressed as well.

  • For the most part enjoyed the story, but yeesh people. NO ONE deserves getting trapped into magically induced sexual slavery for the rest of their lives. Dial it down a notch.

    On a side note, how long until that druid gets run outta Darnassus? Night Elf society is too small for him to keep poaching like that without reprecussions.

    • Yes if not for the fact I like the story, the poor backlash on Jesana makes me almost regret making it. Honestly, there is another part of this whole thing I didn’t touch on, because it didn’t feel relevant coming from Jesana’s perspective at this time, but Wildclaw has a “unnatural” allure to him that makes it difficult for women to resist him. They can, so it’s still on Jesana to falling through, but it’s not exactly easy.

      As for Wildclaw’s future, he actually does get pushed out of Darnassus, but collects a small harem of women to go with him before then. He uses them to do all his work and collect him other “conquests” to have fun with. He wanted Jesana to be one of them, but he realized she was not going to play his game by that point.

      • So he’s a male Azshara? Yeah I’m surprised how angry people are about cheaters. If people feel that way about Jes I’d hate to see how they’d feel about the more devious women you may have.

    • late as fuck here, but can I just say it’s nice to see people call that out? Like I’m sure some folk might be like “oh but they only believe its deserved in pornofantasyland” but it’s still such a fucked up thing to say/believe.

      annd now to go back to clicking on porn

  • Where can I find what exactly happened? Some story to read or pictures/gifs? Can’t find it

  • It makes me kinda sad how she looks in the last panel. Its like you can see she regrets some decision she made. For me its sad thats she ended with the Felorcs. But that is, because i love Nightelf Women.

  • Nothing like a huge peen to end a great story XD

  • Welp got what she deserved dont even feel bad after whole hellfire story good for Talos thou at least he now has some nice pirate booty ……both kind

  • And what did we learn today kids?

    Never cheat or you will get stuffed by fell-orc dicks. 😛

  • I thought she would get pregnant and Talos wouldn’t find out until later…

  • Bitch got what she deserved.

  • Well, that escalated quickly….

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