When it comes down to what I make, I have some general rules that I apply to all my works. This counts for commissions, requests, and raffles. I wish to stress you are paying for my labor on fan art, none of the work can be “owned” for any reason. I wish to stress that.

Rule 1) No Illegal Content. I will not do anything that could be considered illegal in the United States. This means No Ageplay, No Shota, etc… This is not negotiable. I will not do it. I have no interest in doing it.

Rule 2) No content on my “No” List. When it comes to my work I want to focus on content that interests me and satisfies me. If it’s on the list, it does nothing for me sexually and will not be considered.

“No” List – Guro, Vore, Scat, Futa, Beastiality, Gay, Water Sports, Pregnancy, Extreme Bondage, or anything that falls under those lines, etc… If you want something that is not on the list you can ask me directly.

Rule 3) No Nitpicking. When it comes to what I do, the last thing I want is to spend a week working on an image and have someone tell me it needs to change or be redone. I don’t have that time. Raffle winners get to choose content but the overall design of the image will be at my discretion. Commissions will have more control over the design but I reserve the right to bend the design to what works best for the image. Any intense nitpicking that delays me will be met with a refund and the image changed to be posted as a regular post. I hate to be this guy, but I have to for my own sanity and mental health.’

Rule 4) Nothing I make can be 100% private to the commissioner. If you wish for a private variant I will consider it under a few special conditions, but I must be allowed to post an altered variation on my website and tumblr. If you wish for an image that only you can have, and no one else, not even a variant, you might want to just skip commissioning me. It’s not going to happen.

Thank you. I know rules like these don’t make everyone happy, but it will keep me happy, and that is what matters most to me.