Hellfire Citadel… holy crap get back to the sex already!

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I think I got a good grasp on what I want out of these background for the time being, but I still plan to work on them when it’s slow at work.

I am also sneaking in some animations, though I find the traditional 3D approach makes it very difficult to add some of my post touches after the fact, not without having to draw on up to 30 unique frames.  Not sure if I will be able to do it every time, but I sure would hate to let that stop me from posting.

I would go back to my more traditional style, but time is barely on my side as it is, and my work computer hates After Effects.  I worry that if I can’t let go the fact sometimes my animations will be rough around the edges, I may rarely post animations at all.

Though this might be just the part of me that realized I made 18 frigging animated shots for Hellfire that all would require some decent post to be close to my general shots.  Maybe I just need to recollect my patience.

Anyways, enough blabbering.  Here are some more location shots.  I am still working on the entrance, right now just some lighting and a magical force-field to keep out those pesky adventurers who might try to save the slaves.  The other side of the jail is used for processing the slaves (might change that, still thinking) and the other Fel Orcs now finally have a little place to sleep, drink, and be merry.

The Entrance

The Preparation Chambers

The Fel Barracks


The Barracks has a path to the Arena

Ah what the hell, let me post some of the animation drafts too.  Maybe you guys can tell me what you think.

You are mine!

Don’t fight it!

Okay wait! Too much! Ahhhhh.



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Damn hot!


Don’t be too hard on yourself regarding the animations. I know you want to retouch them or add effects that would be easier with stills, but they look good so far. It can be hard as an artist as you want it to fit your vision and style, but there is so much more work involved having to go alter things frame by frame. You also don’t want to just make a ton of sub-par pieces for the sake of getting it done. Might have to figure out some sort of compromise (shorter or fewer animations?) in a set. Dunno,… Read more »


Which part of Hellfire Citadel is your favourite or in other words in which place do you want to see the girls get screwed ? Hmm, this might make for a nice poll question.