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Fel Friday! Raka and Fido!


“Bad puppy.” Raka spoke as she gripped the worgen’s hand, his claws set and ready for a strike but being held easily back by her demonic strength. She smiled as she used her other hand to squeeze on his snout, the worgen’s conditioning forcing him to go docile as she did. “N..no…” he growled as she continued to grind him hard. “I would have given you a treat for being a good boy, but you had to be a naughty puppy. A good pet obeys it’s mistress, and sooner or later you will learn to obey me like the mongrel you are.”

Commission – A Willing Surrogate


“Though most resist becoming a surrogate to the mantid royal eggs, a few adventurers find themselves more then willing to take part. This draenei had befriended a brood mother, and offered herself be injected with the fertilized clutch. Though the Mantid saw fit to restrain her in amber, just in case.”

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