Animated Raiders

Finally got around to actually rendering out these animations.  I made them a bit faster then usual but I think it really helps with the fact the guy is just fucking her raw.  To make my blog a bit smoother I am changing how I put stuff on the front page.  Before, I would just load the image and then adjust down the size to fit in the blog space.  This always bogged down the homepage but I didn’t like the idea of not having the items animated in the main feed, otherwise I would just hide them all behind the post pages.

Now, due to Tumblr, I have to make some animations under 2MB if I want them to show animated.  So I have decided to up my base animated render to 720, but make a version half the size (360) for uploading outside the blog.  I am also going to use the half size version for the homepage links.  That way things should load faster.  Hope you guys enjoy.


Fucking a million dollar face.


The raider has become the raided.


Womb Raiders

Had a very rough week. It seems poor Lara Croft here ended up getting the brunt of my aggression, and so I imagined what likely would happen if captured by the Solarii. I have an animated version that I will post another day, just not in the mood to fix it up right now. Hope you guys like it. If you do I might do more of this little side story, I always had a evil crush on Lara.

Hellfire – Video – Part – Alt Stream

Sendspace Download

Due to the issues with Google Drive limits, I am adding an embedded version of the version uploaded on Naughty Machinema.  I will come up with another download link later today or tonight for those that wish to download it.  Created link to Sendspace download.  Hope it works.

Hellfire – Video – Part 1

Download (Naughty Machinema Alternate)

For better quality, turn the video to 720 by clicking the gear symbol in the video player.

Though it is crude, and there about ten thousands things I wish I did better (more like five hundred thousand), in the end I am happy with what I was able to accomplish with what little time I had.  I need to take a break from video work for a bit after all the frustrations, so Part 2 will likely wait till November before I start working on it again.  I plan to do smaller animations again and just relax a little.  Either way, I hope you all enjoy my little foray back into video land.