One more time… maybe…

This was actually the first animation of these two I started, but it didn’t turn out how I wanted and so I started over to make the other two.  I decided to return to it while it was slow at work this morning, and am much more happy with it now, so posting it I go!

When did Garrosh have those “fuck chains” installed? -Video File-

Another “What if?” with Jesana

Special thanks to Primer for letting me alter and play with one of his model conversions, which I decided to turn into a variation of Jesana.  This is what I think would have likely happened if Jesana stayed behind on Azeroth rather then getting stuck on Outland.

Poor girl can never get a break, and that’s how I like it. “evil mustache twirl” -Video Link-

Contest Images

Finally! Time to post some new images. Here are images for the three that got the most votes in my contest for my new brothel location.  Gratz to Silvyraven, Triss, and Lich! Enjoy.

Silvyraven – Dancing for some high roller clients.

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“Ah, how sweet it is to be back home. Did you miss me, my little Sintharia?” he taunted as he pumped hard into her, his cock biting deep. She winced, “Never call me that!” she cried, “I am Sinestra now… you will not…” Deathwing cut her off with a laugh, “Silence. I don’t really care what you call yourself.” he said as he pulled hard, causing her to cry out in pleasure and pain, “Regardless, you will do for me what we did in ages past, lay down and let me fuck you.”

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