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Finally! Time to post some new images. Here are images for the three that got the most votes in my contest for my new brothel location.  Gratz to Silvyraven, Triss, and Lich! Enjoy.

Silvyraven – Dancing for some high roller clients.

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“Ah, how sweet it is to be back home. Did you miss me, my little Sintharia?” he taunted as he pumped hard into her, his cock biting deep. She winced, “Never call me that!” she cried, “I am Sinestra now… you will not…” Deathwing cut her off with a laugh, “Silence. I don’t really care what you call yourself.” he said as he pulled hard, causing her to cry out in pleasure and pain, “Regardless, you will do for me what we did in ages past, lay down and let me fuck you.”

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“My, my Starflame, so insatiable tonight, aren’t we? I wonder what your peers from Moonglade will think when the dawn comes and they’re sweet, innocent Star is no where to be found? Better yet, what if they were to find you willingly giving yourself to a reviled satyr?”

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Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #18

Weekly Random #18

It was a warm day in the fields, the sun rising high over the hills, cascading like gold from the Vale.  Farmer Fung lifted his hat from his brow, allowing the sun to warm his fur.

“Oh no no no!” came a shouting from the distance, the young Xaohina running down the road frantically and taking the old farmer by surprise.  “Woah! Hold on!” he yelled as he reached down from his cart, grabbing the young woman by the collar, “What is wrong!?”

She stopped struggling and looked up, a shy glance crossing her face, “Forget it, Mr. Fung.  You won’t believe me.”

Fung raised his brow at Xaohina, “We will not know that till you tell me.”  he exclaimed as he wiped some of the sweat from his brow.

She sighed and began to explain, “It’s my friend, Miza.  Both of us had just finished tending for the day when we decided to head to the market.  The outsiders were there, and they had with them strange eggs and vermin… or should I say… rabbit ear hats.”  Farmer Fung began to stroke the fur on his chin, “Ah yes… Noble Garden.  I hear the outsiders celebrate this strange holiday once a year. ”

“Well…” she continued her story, once again embarrassed to explain, “We took part in the festivities and collected some eggs.  She got a rabbit ear hat and a basket of those eggs, while I got some weird magic stick.  The little guy that gave it to me said the magic in the stick would turn anyone I desired into a rabbit! I… I thought it would be funny to use it on Miza…”

Farmer Fung was starting to get a better picture, “Ah so you turned her into a rabbit and she ran off?” he asked.  Xaohina shook her head, “Not… not exactly.  The stick ended up being cracked…” she seemed to once again shy away embarrassment, “She went crazy, stripping herself naked right in front of me and screaming about the joys of spring!  Before I could even realize what happened she skipped off in this direction and vanished into the brush! with her basket still in hand!”

Farmer Fung could understand the hesitation, that was a weird story, “Don’t worry too much, that type of magic usually wears off after a time.  I am sure she will return to her senses.” he said, trying to comfort her one last time before he headed off to the market.  She put her face in her hand, “I know that, Mr. Fung, but I am a little worried what she might do before that happens….”

It was then Farmer Fung realized after years dealing with vermin what one of the most defining traits of all rabbits. “Oh no…”

A mile away at the Greenale farm, the young Haun spends his time at home cleaning out the upper level of the estate.  He is taken by surprise when a loud thud hit his ceiling, followed by the sound of footfalls.  As he followed the sound curiously it ended at the side balcony.  He peered intently, walking towards the opening when suddenly a womanly figure climbed down before him, her naked body exposed for all to see, “Wha… wha… what!?” he stumbled as the woman skipped and then leapt onto him like a vermin on a carrot, “Male!” she screamed.

Haun stood still as the woman held him tight, her hips beginning to dry hump him furiously.  She looked up to him, her red cheeks showing through her soft fur and her weird hat in the shape of vermin ears.  “This… this is not how I imagined courting to take place.” he uncomfortably mused to himself, the young woman staring intently into his eyes as she licked her fangs. “It is spring!” she finally spoke, “Let us plant the seed”.

“Seed? Is this some weird joke?” Haun questioned, looking around to see if his friends were playing a prank on him, “Everyone knows I can’t farm worth a mushan’s hindmeat.”

The woman looked at him again, reaching down and yanking at his pants, “No, not that seed.  This one…” she said as she reached into his pants, caressing his balls.  Haun puckered his lips, “Oh wow…” was the last thing he could say before she savagely ripped off his clothing.

And with that, I get ready for my trip.  Have a good weekend and week everyone.