“Ah, how sweet it is to be back home. Did you miss me, my little Sintharia?” he taunted as he pumped hard into her, his cock biting deep. She winced, “Never call me that!” she cried, “I am Sinestra now… you will not…” Deathwing cut her off with a laugh, “Silence. I don’t really care what you call yourself.” he said as he pulled hard, causing her to cry out in pleasure and pain, “Regardless, you will do for me what we did in ages past, lay down and let me fuck you.”

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“My, my Starflame, so insatiable tonight, aren’t we? I wonder what your peers from Moonglade will think when the dawn comes and they’re sweet, innocent Star is no where to be found? Better yet, what if they were to find you willingly giving yourself to a reviled satyr?”

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Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #18

Weekly Random #18

It was a warm day in the fields, the sun rising high over the hills, cascading like gold from the Vale.  Farmer Fung lifted his hat from his brow, allowing the sun to warm his fur.

“Oh no no no!” came a shouting from the distance, the young Xaohina running down the road frantically and taking the old farmer by surprise.  “Woah! Hold on!” he yelled as he reached down from his cart, grabbing the young woman by the collar, “What is wrong!?”

She stopped struggling and looked up, a shy glance crossing her face, “Forget it, Mr. Fung.  You won’t believe me.”

Fung raised his brow at Xaohina, “We will not know that till you tell me.”  he exclaimed as he wiped some of the sweat from his brow.

She sighed and began to explain, “It’s my friend, Miza.  Both of us had just finished tending for the day when we decided to head to the market.  The outsiders were there, and they had with them strange eggs and vermin… or should I say… rabbit ear hats.”  Farmer Fung began to stroke the fur on his chin, “Ah yes… Noble Garden.  I hear the outsiders celebrate this strange holiday once a year. ”

“Well…” she continued her story, once again embarrassed to explain, “We took part in the festivities and collected some eggs.  She got a rabbit ear hat and a basket of those eggs, while I got some weird magic stick.  The little guy that gave it to me said the magic in the stick would turn anyone I desired into a rabbit! I… I thought it would be funny to use it on Miza…”

Farmer Fung was starting to get a better picture, “Ah so you turned her into a rabbit and she ran off?” he asked.  Xaohina shook her head, “Not… not exactly.  The stick ended up being cracked…” she seemed to once again shy away embarrassment, “She went crazy, stripping herself naked right in front of me and screaming about the joys of spring!  Before I could even realize what happened she skipped off in this direction and vanished into the brush! with her basket still in hand!”

Farmer Fung could understand the hesitation, that was a weird story, “Don’t worry too much, that type of magic usually wears off after a time.  I am sure she will return to her senses.” he said, trying to comfort her one last time before he headed off to the market.  She put her face in her hand, “I know that, Mr. Fung, but I am a little worried what she might do before that happens….”

It was then Farmer Fung realized after years dealing with vermin what one of the most defining traits of all rabbits. “Oh no…”

A mile away at the Greenale farm, the young Haun spends his time at home cleaning out the upper level of the estate.  He is taken by surprise when a loud thud hit his ceiling, followed by the sound of footfalls.  As he followed the sound curiously it ended at the side balcony.  He peered intently, walking towards the opening when suddenly a womanly figure climbed down before him, her naked body exposed for all to see, “Wha… wha… what!?” he stumbled as the woman skipped and then leapt onto him like a vermin on a carrot, “Male!” she screamed.

Haun stood still as the woman held him tight, her hips beginning to dry hump him furiously.  She looked up to him, her red cheeks showing through her soft fur and her weird hat in the shape of vermin ears.  “This… this is not how I imagined courting to take place.” he uncomfortably mused to himself, the young woman staring intently into his eyes as she licked her fangs. “It is spring!” she finally spoke, “Let us plant the seed”.

“Seed? Is this some weird joke?” Haun questioned, looking around to see if his friends were playing a prank on him, “Everyone knows I can’t farm worth a mushan’s hindmeat.”

The woman looked at him again, reaching down and yanking at his pants, “No, not that seed.  This one…” she said as she reached into his pants, caressing his balls.  Haun puckered his lips, “Oh wow…” was the last thing he could say before she savagely ripped off his clothing.

And with that, I get ready for my trip.  Have a good weekend and week everyone.

Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #8

Weekly Random #8

Kyrina felt her head spin as her eyes came into focus, the cold ache of the stone cutting into her back.  She pulled on her arms, and felt rope around her wrists. It was growing tighter with each struggle.  “What… where..?” she said nervously.

A voice came to her side, the ghostly echo all too familiar, “They must have hit you pretty hard if you forgot already.”  Kyrina turned her head swiftly to meet the burning gaze of her forsaken companion, Diana, her light green body exposed for all to see.  Kyrina looked down to see her own robes were missing, she gasped as a look of shock crossed her face. She began to struggle with greater fervor, “Oh no no no!” she yelled.

Her memory came back all too quickly, the Vrykul fortress, the cursed treasure, she though it would be simple for the two of them to go in and take it.  “That little Goblin lied to us!” she yelled again, still struggling, “He said this place was empty!”

Diana looked at her with a cold stare, “Stay calm, Kyrina, why are you acting so manic?” she said, leaning back gently on the stone wall.  Kyrinas eyes narrowed at her companion, “Oh you don’t have to worry, but we all know what will happen here!”

Diana raised her brow, strangely calm for the development they found themselves in, “And what would that be?”

Kyrina stopped struggling, her wrists growing sore, “I am a blood elf…” she answered, her eyes flaring with pride. “You just know what they will do to me.  They will ravage my body over and over for days!” she almost yelled.

Diana laughed, her voice unsettling to Kyrinas elven ears, “You don’t know the Vrykul all that well, do you?”

Suddenly a sound came from a distance as a massive door opened.  In strolled a Vrykul warrior, his eyes fixated on the two women chained to the wall.  He began to unbuckle the straps to his armor, removing it as he approached them.  Kyrina felt her body ache, “I told you! I… I am sorry you have to watch Diana!”

As the Vyrkul got close he stared at Kyrina, looking at her body carefully, “Be gentle!” she yelled, her eyes closing as she bit her lip and awaited her fate.

She waited, and waited, but all she heard was a grunt as the feeling of the Vrykuls presence left her side.  She opened her eyes just in time to see the giant had already unwrapped Daina’s ropes from where they were attached to the wall.  “By the sun! What…?” she said, her brow going up in both shock and confusion.

Kyrina felt her blood boil as she watched the Vrykul roughly push her companion to the ground, “I am a blood elf!  I am the one that’s supposed to be fucked here!  You get back here this instant!”

As the Vrykul pulled on Diana’s ropes and began to penetrate her, she looked up with a vile and satisfied grin, “Everyone knows, Vrykul don’t care for other races…” she licked her lips, “But they love to fuck with death.”

I know this one may not be the cup of tea of everyone, so just don’t view it if the thumbnail makes you squeamish.  However, I wanted to stretch myself a bit and attempt one of the races I have not done in a while.  Forsaken seemed like the perfect one to fit with the Vrykul.

Another update will be done this week of the second poll image, plus the new poll itself.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #7

Weekly Random #7a Weekly Random #7b

Illidan was restless, his mind wandering as he prepared for the coming events.  He made sure to keep his thoughts guarded, for he could not let the Legion figure out his  true plans. Varo’then was already uneasy having him around, so he felt lucky Azshara held the captain on such a tight leash.

The scars on his body, still freshly given to him by Sargeras, ached and burned.  “Lord sorcerer…” came a voice from behind him, a single handmaiden motioning for him to follow.  “I don’t have time for this.” he leered back at her, causing her to shy back, “The queen has called for you.”

Illidan was surprised, they had just spoken not long ago after he had recovered from the demon lords gifts, “Take me to her at once.” he commanded, the handmaiden quick to turn and lead him down the ornate halls.  Illidan felt somewhat uneasy, “Is this a trap?” he thought to himself.  Azshara was cunning, a master at manipulating those around her.  Could she have seen through his mask?

As the handmaiden took him into the heart of the palace, Illidan could see Azshara laying out on her throne of silk, two handmaidens to her sides attending to her every need. “Light of Lights, we have brought the lord sorcerer back to you.” the handmaiden said with reverence in her voice, bowing to her queen.  Illidan in turn bowed to her, the immense aura or her power saturating much of his sight, “My queen, you called for me?”

“I told you, call me Azshara.”she said as she looked to the handmaidens, motioning for them to leave the chamber with a graceful flick of her wrist, “Leave us…”.  They quickly departed, heading out the main door and closing it behind them.  Illidan was captivated by her radiance, it was obvious to him how the queen had come to power so long ago.

Azshara waited for the room to be empty before she moved towards Illidan, a graceful gait that made him bite his lip, “I have something to admit to you…” she said, coming up close to his face, “When I had heard that he had gifted you, I was jealous.” she continued, reaching a hand up and stroking the scars on his chest.  Illidan saw her aura flare all around him, attempting to penetrate his mind.  He felt paralyzed.

“Yet as I saw you laying there after it all happened, I realized.  You were more then just a tool for my future husband, you were a gift to me.” she said, licking her lips. Illidan was entranced by her form, his other sense picking up the seductive smell, the soft touch, her soothing voice.  “Tyrande...” he thought to himself, hiding away a section of his mind with his desires for his old friend, making sure she couldn’t learn of his plans.

“Remember what I said earlier? That there are many favors I can grant you that even he can not?” she said, reaching around behind her gown and unlatching it’s straps, exposing her delicious, firm breasts, “I will grant you one of those favors now” she said, pushing her body into his, “So that I may taste of his power myself.”

Illidan felt his body move nearly on it’s own, her influence and his own desires allowing her to lead him towards the throne.  She pushed him down, his body feeling the soft cushions.  Azshara crawled up to him, her eyes peering towards his scars, focused more on them then Illidan himself.  He felt her reach into his pants, pulling out his cock without any hesitation, “Oh my, it seems even your cock was granted his gifts.”

Illidan looked down, and it was true,  even his cock was marked with the demonic tattoos Sargeras had written into him.  Azshara took it firmly in her hand, touching the marks gently as she stroked.  Illidan gasped as she took the tip in her mouth, moving her tongue around his head.  “Tyrande…” he thought again, trying to picture her as the queen continued to pleasure him, “I am the most powerful…” he said, trying to regain some control and reaching towards the queen with his hand, “I am in control…”

Illidan felt a sudden shock in his arm, “Impressive” she giggled, “You almost broke my magic, but even with my beloveds power, you are still a novice.” she said as she held a single finger up to his arm, her magic making him lose control.  “Now be a good toy, and let me play with you.”

Yup, another one starring Azshara.  Don’t blame me!  You chose the story I was pretty much sitting on if people picked the WOTA and famous heroes meeting options!  So it’s totally your guys fault! “slinks off and hides”

Anyways, hope you guys like it.  This is a fanon continuation of a segment of the War of the Ancients Trilogy Novel, more specifically a section of The Sundering in which Illidan joins with the enemy for a short time.

And now to get some rest for another work week.

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