Porno from Fel

“Gunthor!“ The Beholder yelled, “You are not Mikael Fray! Hold the camera steady!” The Imp continued to struggle with the strange apparatus, “I am trying!? Okay!? This was -not- in my contract!” he continued whining.

The Beholder looked down at the scene before him, the young troll he captured being drilled by the corrupted orc nice and deep, “Good, good, but you call that emotion!? Come on, Troll! I want real anger, real disdain!”

Ku’jin tilted her head as she tried to push free, rolling her eyes at the Beholders attempts to coach her. Ku’jin couldn’t believe her horrible luck, “Of all da caves I decid to enter, I stumble on a demonic porno!? Who ever watches dis stuff!? No one gonna believe me!” she whispered to herself, “Oh well, I been through worst…“

“Director, when will it be my scene again?” came the seductive call of the nearby succubus, her patience weighing thin. “Soon!” he yelled, turning back to the duo as they fucked on set, “Give me all you got! ACTION!”

Shai and the Inner Demons

(Guest starring Valrotica’s Jan’Zibo)

“I… I hear you are a talented… healer” Shai whispered as she stumbled into the trolls dwelling. The troll acknowledged her but stayed turned away, finishing up some of his potions and mixtures before giving his attention to the lone orc, “Aye, what do ya… By the Loa!” the troll gasped. Shai couldn’t help but grin lightly as he stared at her, eyes as black as coal and pupils glowing a demonic red.

Shai stumbled further, her willpower attempting to hold back the corruption that was taking root in her soul, “It has become too strong, I need you to help me contain it.” she begged as she felt her heart race, “Can you help me?”  The troll put up his hands in consideration, “There be one way… but it require some mean sexual mojo.” Shai once again gave a light grin, before reaching her hand up and ripping her robes from her body in a single powerful motion, “If you say so… I will try anything at this point.”

With a powerful stride the troll walked up and took the now naked Shai by the hand, pulling her outside to a circle of torches.  One by one he lite them with a chant in his native tongue, before turning back to her and dropping his loincloth.  Shai gasped at the size of his cock, it already bulging in anticipation, “Now come here! We got a long night ahead of us!”