With the permission of Val. A remix of the last animation, with Jesana taking the place as the tied up elven babe. I made this mostly for myself, so it uses some style differences I enjoy, attempting to look more painted. I figured some of you might like it too.

Hellfire – Video – Part – Alt Stream

Sendspace Download

Due to the issues with Google Drive limits, I am adding an embedded version of the version uploaded on Naughty Machinema.  I will come up with another download link later today or tonight for those that wish to download it.  Created link to Sendspace download.  Hope it works.

Hellfire – Video – Part 1

Download (Naughty Machinema Alternate)

For better quality, turn the video to 720 by clicking the gear symbol in the video player.

Though it is crude, and there about ten thousands things I wish I did better (more like five hundred thousand), in the end I am happy with what I was able to accomplish with what little time I had.  I need to take a break from video work for a bit after all the frustrations, so Part 2 will likely wait till November before I start working on it again.  I plan to do smaller animations again and just relax a little.  Either way, I hope you all enjoy my little foray back into video land.

News of the Week + One More Teaser

Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything new recently.  October is going to be an EXTREMELY busy month, so I am pushing a bit harder to get the video done before my cutoff on the 30th of September.

Good news is, the video is pretty far along and I could have something up by the end of the week.

Bad news is, it may not be the whole thing.

You see while both are pretty far along, I want to go back and redo a few things for what I call the “second act”.  Either I stress out about it and try to finish both before the 30th only to miss the deadline and be unable to post anything, or I concentrate on finishing the first act and post each one separately, with the second one coming sometime later.

This may work out better anyways, as the overall length of the video is increasing the file size pretty heavy, I would likely have to cut it up into two anyways.

For those curious what will happen with that one commission I was forced to take down, I am going to alter it at some later point and repost it.  It won’t be gone forever, but I need to change a few things before I put it back up, and I just don’t have time for it.

Just because I feel bad about the whole long wait on this, here is another video teaser. Enjoy.

A Beautiful Accident

Too late, ExecuRexx! You are too late!