It’s been a busy week.  My fever broke on Wednesday but I had some bad congesstion afterwards and now my nose has been running since I woke up this morning all the way till now.  I have gone through two tissue boxes and a roll of toilet paper, still not done.  The event together with the sneezing and coughing as my body attempts to eject whatever was left of that plague inside me, has worn me out worst then the sickness did.

Still, I didn’t want to not post anything again.  I wouldn’t really call it a random, but I continue to experiment in general 3D.  This time, I put the two swingers from the earlier random and had them fucking in Robyn’s crew room.  They are not part of the crew, mind you, but paid well for a little transport out of Booty Bay so they could get some more private time.  At least that is what I tell myself to explain why I used them for the test.

Besides, Robyn is all for some random fucking on her ship, as long as they don’t leave her out when she gets the itch.

Now to hope my nose gives it a rest soon so I can actually sleep.

Where are the crew? Likely peeping from the side. Hope no seizures!

I guess purple is one of her new favorite colors.

And now off to….. “ACHOO”… off too… “HURK”… Off… “Cough”… Oh you get the idea! “SNIFF”

Info updates and yet another scene test.

 So I was working more on backgrounds this week, mostly focusing on the two large ones, that being Hellfire Citadel and Robyn’s Pirate Ship.  For the most part, Hellfire Citadel has enough done for me to work with the next few chapters of the Hellfire story, so I will likely leave it alone at this point.

I keep saying I am going to get on Hellfire again soon, and really I could easily with the poses I have, but I just feel a tingling bit of overwhelming fear when I even think of starting the post process on the GIFs.  I might just leave them as they are and concentrate on making more detailed static version of the image poses.  Hope no one minds if I do that, because I worry if I don’t make a choice soon the whole things going to linger all year.

Anyways, still on point for the random tomorrow, and the poll looks pretty close for two options.  Going to be interesting to see which one wins.  I also have a little animation I made this morning to test out how well I could get some sex going down in Jizzel’s sleeping area (Yes, the rocket goblin has been recruited to Robyn’s ship), which is located under the stairs of the cannon deck.  The animation turned out better then I expected, so I wanted to show you all.  Enjoy.

"Oh yeah! EXPLODE all over me! Explode! GET IT!? Oh ha ha ha. No but seriously you cumming yet?

“Oh yeah! EXPLODE all over me! Explode! GET IT!? Oh ha ha ha. No but seriously you cumming yet?

Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #Yarr

Random YARR

It was a warm evening, the smell of salt was strong in the air.  Robyn sat leisurely at her desk, playfully tossing around maps and letters as she watched the docks vanish into the distance.  She was taken by surprise when a sudden knock came on her door.  “Come in.” she spoke back, her eyes moving to glance at the figure as he entered.  “Ah, you must be the new guy..” she said, crossing her legs as she turned.

The night elf was as large as any other of his kind, his silver eyes peering at into her own with remarkable intensity.  She felt a quiver go up her spine as she glanced at his body, chiseled from what looked to be years of combat, “Pidge never told me your name.” she spoke playfully.  The elf looked off to the distance, avoiding eye contact with her, “Talosenor” he finally spoke.

Robyn bit her lip gently, throwing aside the letter still in her hand, “A bit long… and not the good type… do you have a nickname?” she questioned.  Talos continued looking to the side, “Those close to me just call me… Talos.” he spoke somewhat awkwardly.

“So, I hear you were a drifter for the last few years?” she asked, standing up and walking around the side of the elf.  She could tell part of him was nervous, a slight shake of his hands, one close to his finely crafted dagger.  She made it a habit never to tell the new members why she calls them to her cabin, as it makes the whole event more entertaining.  “Why did you want to join my little crew?”

“I needed a change. Something to keep me busy.” he answered after some thought, Robyn still circling him slowly.  “A change to piracy? Seems a bit extreme…” she prodded further, attempting to understand if he had any undesirable motives.  Talos held his composure, “I am not above thievery and murder, if that is what you are worried about.”

Robyn smiled, “Oh I am sure you are up for the job.” she spoke seductively, lowering herself gently onto the edge of her bed.  “Now stop being so tense.  You have nothing to fear with me.  If I wanted you dead, you would already be shark bait.”

Talos eased himself, lowering his arms with a deep sigh, “Then why did you call me here, Captain?”

Robyn leaned back on the bed, her hand coming off and pulling away her black cap, tossing it over onto a ornate dresser, “You need to know the rules.”

Talos hesitated, “But I know the rules, First Mate Pidge, she…” was all he could say as Robyn interjected, “Not those rules you beautiful idiot, I was speaking about my rules.  I have some special ones we leave out of the introduction speech.”  Robyn brushed back her short hair, uncrossing her legs and spreading them wide in front of the elf.  She watched with enjoyment as the elf attempted to reposition himself to hide his desire for her.

“Rule one, I own everything on this ship.  That includes you.  You don’t like it, you can leave at the next port, or better yet, swim back.” she said passionately while beginning to unbuckle her belt.  Talos opened his mouth like he wanted to speak, but he couldn’t find the words.

“Rule two, I take care of what I own.  Don’t fuck with my stuff, and I will make sure no one else fucks with you.  At least not negatively.” she continued, kicking off her boots.  Talos notices her motion gently with her eyes, raising her brow as she sticks out her leg. “Oh… this is bad…” Talos whispers to himself, leaning down and taking the foot into his strong, hardy hands.

“Mmmmmm… Oh that is good! What was I saying!?  Oh yes.  Rule three! As I take care of what I own, I expect them to take good care of me in turn.  Are you going to take good care of me, Talos?”

Talos felt the captain pull at his hair, and he lifted himself up.  His breathing had become heavy as he gazed at her luscious hips and well shaped breasts.  Her pants were open at the zipper, showing her silk undergarments, “Yes, Captain, please… let me take care of you… Anything you want!” he said, his eyes still hesitating like a dog on a leash.

“Take off your pants.” she said bluntly, Talos not hesitating to do so.  As his garments fell to the floor, his pulsing cock pointing towards the young captain, her eyes hungry with desire, “Oh I can already tell, you are going to be one of my favorites.”

Robyn stood, switching her gaze between his striking eyes and his throbbing cock.  She quickly let her pants drop to the floor, before pulling her shirt far over her head and throwing it off to the side.  As she stood nude before him, Talos could only marvel how well shaped she was for a human woman, a few intricate tattoos only adding to her allure.

Robyn smiled coyly, leaning back once again on the bed as she began fondling her breasts gently.  “Now, what are you waiting for? An invitation in the mail?  Fuck me already.”

Felt fitting since I plan to use her more, I would get her back into the game with another Weekly Random. Huge thanks to Phate for helping me edit it up a bit.

I spent a decent part of the week designing her ship.  I have to say, I am liking her ship designs even more then what I did on Hellfire, but that might be due to the fact I have less area to work, and thus can fit more detail.  Behold.

Not much in the cannon room… other then cannons.

The Crew Deck, a place for sleeping…

… and eating. (Fish AGAIN!? That’s it I quit!)


Robyn’s heritage means she likes a lot of finer comforts…


… a lot…


… and she is maybe a little vain.

So you made it all the way down to the end of the post?  GRATZ! You get a bonus animation to test out the background!

Too bad not all crewmen get to start this way…