A Hallowed Bride

Come my dear, let’s go for a ride, and thou shall see, you will be my bride! What a creature you are, such strength and fire, yet now you must sate, my haunting desire! With my ghostly cock, I fill thee with every ounce, now don’t be shy, let’s see those titties bounce! HaHAHAHAHAHAhaHAhaHAHAHA!

Fel Friday! Forsaken!

Experiment Log 5692 : Upon first arriving at labs, Subject 13 was quickly concluded to be infertile due to past mutation. Though proper protocol called for disposal to sewers, I have grown fascinated by the nature of the creature, and much to the protests of my assistants, I have decided to keep her for further study. Continued tests have revealed she requires very little oxygen, has no gag reflex, and her deteriorated tendons makes her extremely limber during physical activity. Will put in recommendation for transfer to personal prisoner stock.


The Curse of the Cocks

“By the Light! What is…” Lakuu said as the shambling undead she unleashed knocked her down, “You have unleashed the first awakeners of the hundred cock curse! You can never be free till you satisfy all hundred of this crypts cocks!” the first proclaimed, his jaw barely hanging on to his face. Lakuu looked up with a raised brow, smiling as she felt the other grab her hair, “Only a hundred? What a tame little curse. Well then, let’s get this curse over with. I got more important things to do”

April Fools!

After looking over all my footage, I realize that with some hard work I could get the video released earlier then expected! Hope it was worth the wait! Enjoy!