Background Girls #1

So as promised I rendered out some closer shots of the background girls that I have since removed from the video.  Be aware that these are a little rough, as my intention originally was not to have them seen so close.  I still think they turned out well.  I will be posting the other three girls sometime this weekend.  More angles after the jump.

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Womb Raiders + Sync Test

So today I was playing around with a palette cleansing image.  Something outside the norm to get me pumped to restart Hellfire Video : Part 2.  Decided to go back to one of my favorite video game ladies and get her and her friends totally fucked.  Literally.  The two images I made of her before seem to be pretty popular on tumblr so figured why not.

Also used it to test out something someone showed me earlier, a program called BitTorrent Sync.  It’s sort of a cloud, but without the cloud.  No silly large project hampering data limits like Dropbox.  I just make a folder at my render system where all my renders go, queue them all up, then use the encrypt key to link up with my computer at home.  No more having to choose between leaving my external drive at the render system to render, or bring it home to work on animations.  Now I can do a bit of both.

This project turned into an example.  Before I left for home I queued up my system to render this little animation with twenty quick camera angles.  When I woke up this morning all the frames were waiting for me on my home system due to the sync, and I was able to just build them to post right now.  Going to really help my overall flow I think.

Enough chat, hope you guys enjoy the images.

A whole lot more angles after the jump.

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Video Teaser, Old and New.

I know what half of you are thinking.  “Rexx, what the fuck is taking so long with the video you piece of shit!”

First all I got to say is, woah! Watch the potty mouth! You kiss your mother with those lips?

Second, it’s coming along well but for me to get it where I want it to be the render time is going to be pretty heavy.  Not super heavy, but I expect at least two weeks of just rendering out the scenes, not counting all the animations I have yet to get done.  Considering I want to get the next story chapter of Hellfire out, this means I may have to push the video into March.  Sorry.

To make up for it though, I figured I would show a base image of where the original “Part 2” was going, and a new teaser image of how it looks now after retooling the setup.  Sorry the new teaser is not animated, the time to render all 600 frames of the one shot would cause me to go crazy today with all the stress from work (the old one already had this draft rendered out, so no crazies)

Old. Motion was WIP so it’s a bit rough. Notice issues like the shadows on her arm going the wrong way? That annoyed me for so long.

New. Fixed a whole lot of shadow issues.. Most of the improvements are smaller though.