Ayane versus the Oni

This was another experiment image, one that didn’t turn out 100% as I hoped (a few motion issues trying to use dynamics) but the style I felt was good enough that I could get away posting it.   I know, it’s another non-wow image, but I really like the ability to step away from wow art every now and then.  Plus it’s good practice for when the new models are released.

How was she supposed to know Oni could see in the dark? -Video Link-

Contest Images

Finally! Time to post some new images. Here are images for the three that got the most votes in my contest for my new brothel location.  Gratz to Silvyraven, Triss, and Lich! Enjoy.

Silvyraven – Dancing for some high roller clients.

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Ass Raiders

Sorry for not having much new stuff these days.  Been a bit down in the dumps and just trying to get through it.  Here is a pose I worked on for the Tomb Raider images, but didn’t feel it was animating right, so I almost scrapped it.  Figured I could at least make a general image of it.  If I can get the animating to work I might post that too but otherwise don’t get your hopes up.

Going to start work on the video again soon, once I get over this little slump I am feeling.  Bare with me.

What is raiding without a buddy?

The Purge

So it has come to that time of the decade in which my hard drives can’t handle the amount of data that has collected on them.  I had to get a new 2TB external drive just for my newer works and renders going into the future.  As such, I have decided this weekend to do a drive purge.

What does that mean? I am going to go over all my drives and delete anything and everything that at this point has become obsolete.  Part of that will be old “master” files for animations I don’t plan to visit again.  Ever since my last hard drive crash I have attempted to hold onto any and all older master files (the oldest surviving one being the gnome blowjob video from ages back).  This is one of the hardest things I can do, since it’s basically deleting a record of all the work I did outside of the finished images.

Sadly, it just has to be done.  I can’t buy backup drives every couple months.

To make sure I don’t lose everything that has chronicled my past work, I have loaded a huge, and I mean, HUGE, group of random images into the gallery formerly known as the drafts folder.  I now call it the garage, because I am going to treat it like such.  Anything I can’t place somewhere, incomplete, complete, old, abandoned, whatever, will get stored in the garage.  Some stuff edited, some just character ideas, and some just failed images.  It will all be there.

Lastly, there was one animation a few years back I revisited a lot.  A collaboration I did with Senseibushido.  I never posted all of them.  Since I am purging those files, I decided just to render them out and get them on the site, before they are lost for good.  Consider it a small flash from the past.  Once again, all credit for the original image goes to Senseibushido, while all edits are my own.  See all of them below the jump.

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Animated Raiders

Finally got around to actually rendering out these animations.  I made them a bit faster then usual but I think it really helps with the fact the guy is just fucking her raw.  To make my blog a bit smoother I am changing how I put stuff on the front page.  Before, I would just load the image and then adjust down the size to fit in the blog space.  This always bogged down the homepage but I didn’t like the idea of not having the items animated in the main feed, otherwise I would just hide them all behind the post pages.

Now, due to Tumblr, I have to make some animations under 2MB if I want them to show animated.  So I have decided to up my base animated render to 720, but make a version half the size (360) for uploading outside the blog.  I am also going to use the half size version for the homepage links.  That way things should load faster.  Hope you guys enjoy.


Fucking a million dollar face.


The raider has become the raided.


Womb Raiders

Had a very rough week. It seems poor Lara Croft here ended up getting the brunt of my aggression, and so I imagined what likely would happen if captured by the Solarii. I have an animated version that I will post another day, just not in the mood to fix it up right now. Hope you guys like it. If you do I might do more of this little side story, I always had a evil crush on Lara.