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A forsaken and a worgen walk into a bar…

I thought this establishment said no dogs allowed! The manager will hear about this! After we are… finished of course…

Old lovers cross paths

I noticed his eyes awaken as I put his dick in my mouth, the surprise on his face quickly subsiding as he peered deep into my eyes. It was by chance we crossed paths here, a chance I was not going to spend even a second wasting.

Someone gets ravaged.

Yessss,.. resist me! The more you resist, the sweeter it will be when I break your tender little body, draenei! You belong to me now!

Spearheading his twisted experiments

Jesana has to undergo many different experiments under the control of the Fel Horde.

Log Entry 109B. Slave X has grown more docile after injection of Serum34. Regardless, I kept her retrained after last weeks incident. Until new lab assistant can be found, all insemination tests must be done personally.

Whit a fine day thes is!

Ah whit a wonderful day thes is… Ah teel ye whit, tentacle face, ye make me cum fur every brew I drenk, an’ I lit ye go! Now pit some mare back into it!

A wild transformation

“Woah! Hey! I didn’t know you were… Oh… Oh wow! Okay… I…I think I can forgive you this once. Oh fuck… but next time you rear end me I expect dinner first.

A very compelling argument.

“Ya know, I was gonna report ya for stowing away… buuuut ya make a… mmmm… a very compelling argument why I should keep ya around…. I’m shure the Captain ain’t gonna mind!

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