Ass Raiders

Sorry for not having much new stuff these days.  Been a bit down in the dumps and just trying to get through it.  Here is a pose I worked on for the Tomb Raider images, but didn’t feel it was animating right, so I almost scrapped it.  Figured I could at least make a general image of it.  If I can get the animating to work I might post that too but otherwise don’t get your hopes up.

Going to start work on the video again soon, once I get over this little slump I am feeling.  Bare with me.

What is raiding without a buddy?

The Purge

So it has come to that time of the decade in which my hard drives can’t handle the amount of data that has collected on them.  I had to get a new 2TB external drive just for my newer works and renders going into the future.  As such, I have decided this weekend to do a drive purge.

What does that mean? I am going to go over all my drives and delete anything and everything that at this point has become obsolete.  Part of that will be old “master” files for animations I don’t plan to visit again.  Ever since my last hard drive crash I have attempted to hold onto any and all older master files (the oldest surviving one being the gnome blowjob video from ages back).  This is one of the hardest things I can do, since it’s basically deleting a record of all the work I did outside of the finished images.

Sadly, it just has to be done.  I can’t buy backup drives every couple months.

To make sure I don’t lose everything that has chronicled my past work, I have loaded a huge, and I mean, HUGE, group of random images into the gallery formerly known as the drafts folder.  I now call it the garage, because I am going to treat it like such.  Anything I can’t place somewhere, incomplete, complete, old, abandoned, whatever, will get stored in the garage.  Some stuff edited, some just character ideas, and some just failed images.  It will all be there.

Lastly, there was one animation a few years back I revisited a lot.  A collaboration I did with Senseibushido.  I never posted all of them.  Since I am purging those files, I decided just to render them out and get them on the site, before they are lost for good.  Consider it a small flash from the past.  Once again, all credit for the original image goes to Senseibushido, while all edits are my own.  See all of them below the jump.

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Animated Raiders

Finally got around to actually rendering out these animations.  I made them a bit faster then usual but I think it really helps with the fact the guy is just fucking her raw.  To make my blog a bit smoother I am changing how I put stuff on the front page.  Before, I would just load the image and then adjust down the size to fit in the blog space.  This always bogged down the homepage but I didn’t like the idea of not having the items animated in the main feed, otherwise I would just hide them all behind the post pages.

Now, due to Tumblr, I have to make some animations under 2MB if I want them to show animated.  So I have decided to up my base animated render to 720, but make a version half the size (360) for uploading outside the blog.  I am also going to use the half size version for the homepage links.  That way things should load faster.  Hope you guys enjoy.


Fucking a million dollar face.


The raider has become the raided.


Womb Raiders

Had a very rough week. It seems poor Lara Croft here ended up getting the brunt of my aggression, and so I imagined what likely would happen if captured by the Solarii. I have an animated version that I will post another day, just not in the mood to fix it up right now. Hope you guys like it. If you do I might do more of this little side story, I always had a evil crush on Lara.

Source Filmmaker, how I love/hate thee…

So one thing I have been seeing appear a lot these days is porn made using models in Source Filmmaker.  It’s all been pretty good, made me feel like trying my own hand at it.  It’s pretty much the future of the smut manipulation scene, so between all the crazy personal life stuff going on for the next few weeks, I have been sneaking in some time with it.

Honestly? I can’t stand that program.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool, and the method they use to animate seems like it would be pretty simple for those that get the hang of it, but years of using regular 3D programs make that program seem like unlocking a rubix cube.  The whole workflow feels so drastically different, and the way they handle scenes and keyframes (or lack of keyframes) just throws me off every time.  I have tried a few times now to animate in it, and each time I feel it takes me four times as long to make a simple humping animation. I envy people like Fugtrup that seem to use the program so easily and get such great motion out of it.

It got so infuriating I actually started looking for ways to just do this stuff my own way in my own programs.  The good news? It’s possible! I found a program that can convert almost any game file into a usable FBX file, even Source files! The bad news? Fucking FLEXES.  It seems rather then bones for the face, SFM uses what are called “Flexes”, or whole versions of the head morphed and then loaded into the MDL which the program uses to figure out things like expressions.  What this means is I can export a model, but they wouldn’t be able to even open their mouths unless I re-do sections of the rig, and I hate painting weights.  All because it’s not easily possible to export flexes.

I even attempted to figure out a conversion method to use XNLara files instead (another popular smut making program) since it does not use flexes, only to find out it requires like three versions of Blender, a out of date plugin, and a constant setting and unsettling of a windows environmental variable.  Even after all that I never got the out of date plugin to work.

Why make this rant?  Well one, it makes me feel better and gives me a reason to update, and second, because even with all the pain, I got one model to work.  Thankfully whoever rigged her for SFM made sure her expressions still utilized bones.  The ever popular Elizabeth.

I don’t plan to move entirely outside of my WoW art, because I enjoy it the most, in part because of it’s non-realistic styling.  But… I like experimenting and trying new things and with all the craziness that is happening in my real life this month (Happy 1st Birthday today to my little orc) it felt like a fun thing to try between it all.

Anyways, enough rambling, enjoy this test shot using the converted models.

This is how I imagine it would go if the Vox learned Comstock was keeping his “daughter” locked up in that tower long before Booker came along.