A Different Type of Grind

These two were sick of the regular grind, so they decided to gain a different type of experience. -Video File-

P.S. GFYCAT seems to have done an update today to allow video, which seemed to cause the looping videos to no longer appear.  Transfering back to GIF for the time being.  Figures I would already be having problems.

Lakuu’s Been Working Out

Got a nasty head cold right now. That is the one thing that sucks about having a spouse that works at a clinic and a son that goes to day care, they bring back who knows what with them. I am never safe!

Anyways, to pass the time when I can’t work on an image, I decided to bring back some of what I have been learning to the older models. Try and make them look less, well… old. Below is an updated design of Lakuu using better material setups. The model itself is an edit made by the talented Redaxle that he was nice enough to let me edit.  I think I might use her soon if I can stop sneezing.

She totally wants the D.


Mira’s Day Off

This was a bit of an experiment doing my own head swap, plus morphing the body to be a bit less meaty.  Not as happy with it as the Jesana images but it’s a good little test. All credit for the model still goes to Primer.  Going back to the older models for my next work.

Lucky for the troll, this was a purely by chance visit and not due to her… “work” -Video Link-

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One more time… maybe…

This was actually the first animation of these two I started, but it didn’t turn out how I wanted and so I started over to make the other two.  I decided to return to it while it was slow at work this morning, and am much more happy with it now, so posting it I go!

When did Garrosh have those “fuck chains” installed? -Video File-

Another “What if?” with Jesana

Special thanks to Primer for letting me alter and play with one of his model conversions, which I decided to turn into a variation of Jesana.  This is what I think would have likely happened if Jesana stayed behind on Azeroth rather then getting stuck on Outland.

Poor girl can never get a break, and that’s how I like it. “evil mustache twirl” -Video Link-

Ayane versus the Oni

This was another experiment image, one that didn’t turn out 100% as I hoped (a few motion issues trying to use dynamics) but the style I felt was good enough that I could get away posting it.   I know, it’s another non-wow image, but I really like the ability to step away from wow art every now and then.  Plus it’s good practice for when the new models are released.

How was she supposed to know Oni could see in the dark? -Video Link-