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So at the end of this week I am taking a small trip with my family. Won’t be gone long, but likely means no updates or posts for about a week. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Now, to hopefully wet people’s appetite for a bit, I am going to post some […]

With the video going so well I almost forgot that I never got to the Draenei story when it came to that vote nearly a year ago. Considering I want to have Kyla in the new video at some point, I figured this was something I had to rectify. So while working on the video […]

You know I am having issues working with old models with the expansion on the horizon, just because I know that means I likely will redo all my characters with the new models.  However, a few still gather interest from me for editing and improving.  This morning, considering I want to move forward with the […]