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Animated Raffle Winner! Alexstrazsa’s Vacation


Commission – The Stadium of Spoliation


“It is I, Gurgthock, bringing you yet another gladiatorial battle of the best! We join a battle already in-progress as two hardened adventurer maidens take on the THREE BROTHERS BRUTUS! It has been a rough tumble, with both sides dirty and bruised, but the adventurers seem to have the… Wait… what combo power are the brothers casting? “Rape Smasher”!? Wodin, is.. is that legal!? The warrior missed the pummel! Her partner is trying to move in, but it’s too late! I have never seen armor disintegrate like that! Everyone is naked and wrestling in the center! No, those won’t… OH MY GOB THEY FIT! HOW!? Oh well, it’s a wipe folks. Wodin, clean up this mess after they finish, I don’t want any ogre cum stains or broken heroines laying in the battle pit when the next adventurers arrive, okay?”

Commission – Scarlet Interrogations

It looks like Whitemane and her champions prefer a personal touch when interrogating the new prisoners.

The Demon and the Lady

Though the campaign on Quel’Danas was a success, Lady Liadrin is very cryptic about what happened the first day she and her Blood Knights attacked the island.

Commission – Grok makes a new friend

Grok always had a soft spot for the Draenei, or should I say enjoys how soft they are.

Thanks for 4000 tumblr followers!

I was totally caught off guard. In my frantic need to catch up, I think my avatar got a little overzealous on poor Jesana. Will she ever get to enjoy her days off all by herself? Probably not.

Static Raffle Winners! Broken Kyla, Shadows Claim Her



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