Damn sexy!

“Seems I have a lot of people calling me sexy these days, damn straight! I have been leveling up just for you guys! I…”
Get that cock out, hunter.
“Listen Grok, I know you really want to show off that new Warsong tattoo, distinguished greying and oddly hot tiddy scar, but we have a lot of work left to do! Very sweaty, sensual, and erotic work! Now get that cock out this instant and lay back down!”

“That’s right, we wanted our little project to be ready by the end of the year, guess we have to put in some overtime, eh?”

He is mine, for now.
“Oh there is no question of that. Lots of overtime, hours and hours of exhausting, raw, and kinky depravity. I hope that eye-patch gives you a lot of extra stamina, because you will need it.

As for all of you… Patience is a virtue. I think in the end, you will enjoy the fruits of our… “hard” work. Antiana kalo korah, until next we meet.”

Happy Hallow’s End / Halloween

I had a few ideas about what to make for this image.  The one I started on yesterday turned out more ambitious then I could handle, so I decided on something a little more simple.  Will likely save the ambitious one for another day.  Let’s just say, Costume Parttttyyyyyy!

This image also became a great excuse to show off the new update to Jesana’s original Sentinel command outfit, where she upgraded some shoulders and a proper glaive befitting a Huntress.  Those little pumpkin soldiers totally took her off guard, otherwise they would have been turned into pumpkin pie.


Happy Halloween everyone!

Just remember that the Headless Horsemen may not be as headless as you think.

So how about those videos…

So many have likely known, I used to make videos.  I stopped years ago, mostly because I just never had the time anymore.  I still don’t plan to make it the main point of my creative work, but I felt it was about time to throw my hand at the process again.

So after thinking about it, what better way to try it then to get some more Hellfire action?

“Pre-production” is pretty much complete, now I just have the rather daunting process of animating and bringing those scenes to life.  It’s going to take some time, so right now setting my hopes on the end of the month.  I will likely work on a few intermediate images or animations before then based on my time, just so I don’t go without updating too long.

Either way, it’s something I want to do.  If it does not work out at the very least I should have a whole lot of great animated loops to show people.  Now, for a teaser…

... She is going to get fucked.

Only dinner and a show? Little does she know…


Xanakar Banetongue Revised

So at some point last week while ripping some models, I stumbled on something I totally forgot about.  A Satyr model that was made for one of the five-man dungeons added in 4.3 last expansion.  I started kicking myself because of the fact I used the old vanilla model for the creation of Xanakar Bantongue, and frankly it was starting to bother me.

I couldn’t just let that stand.

Say hello to the new and improved Xanakar.  The model is much better and the texture higher resolution.  It also allowed me to give him more Satyr qualities, like improved eyes and an extra goat like beard.

Xanakar visited the demonic salon. It was a half-off for half-demons event. This week only.

Now I just have to figure out how to break in his new body.