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I had a few ideas about what to make for this image.  The one I started on yesterday turned out more ambitious then I could handle, so I decided on something a little more simple.  Will likely save the ambitious one for another day.  Let’s just say, Costume Parttttyyyyyy! This image also became a great […]

So many have likely known, I used to make videos.  I stopped years ago, mostly because I just never had the time anymore.  I still don’t plan to make it the main point of my creative work, but I felt it was about time to throw my hand at the process again. So after thinking […]

So at some point last week while ripping some models, I stumbled on something I totally forgot about.  A Satyr model that was made for one of the five-man dungeons added in 4.3 last expansion.  I started kicking myself because of the fact I used the old vanilla model for the creation of Xanakar Bantongue, […]