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Test of Loyalty

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The air was thick and humid deep under the heart of Highmountain. Gul’dan smiled as he stood near what was once sacred pools, now casting a dark and demonic aura, corrupted by the demonic blood he had poured in. All that stood left was a stone altar of unknown age, likely used for offerings or other rituals.

“They are here.” Came a voice from his side, the elven warden Cordana Felsong taking a defensive stance. “Good, I grew tired of waiting…” Gul’dan whispered, turning to see the chieftain of the Bloodtotem, Torok, and his most elite braves barreling down upon them.
“You demon filth! You have corrupted our sanctuary!” he cried as he leapt up, spear at the ready to pierce the warlocks twisted heart. With a clang, his attack was defected by Cordana’s massive glaive, sending him flying into the walls behind them.

As the rest charged at him, Gul’dan didn’t even flinch, Cordana making sure none even got so close as to touch him. With grace and speed she slashed through flesh and bone, severed head and shoulder, and before long only one brave remained, his battle roar shaking the very caverns above.

“Make sure this one dies slowly.” Gul’dan commanded with a frail yawn.

Cordana nodded as she leapt into the charging brute head on. He dived forward with incredible might and took the warden off guard, forcing her to arch back and flip from the ground as the braves axe grazed her armor. Now on the exposed side, Cordana threw her glaive with such force and precision that it landed hard into her enemies back.

Gul’dan scowled as the brave slumped over, “You did make sure to avoid his most vital organs?” he questions. Cordana nodded, “Of course, master.”

“Mellok!” came a cry from the sides, Torok trying his best to lift himself back to his feet. “You will pay for killing my son!” he bellowed as he ran towards the now exposed warlock. With a thrust of his spear, he saw victory in his grasp, but the warlock only chuckled as the spear harmlessly broke upon his demonic shield.

With a wave of his hand, Gul’dan ensnared the great chieftain with his magic, forcing him to the ground once more. “So quick to judge, Torok. We didn’t come here to fight.” he said with a sinister scowl, “In fact, I believe we can help each other.”

Torok spit at the warlock, his arms aching from the fel tendrils that burned his skin, “I would never help someone like you!”
Gul’dan smiled, “Not even if I can save your son?”

Torok’s face turned to shock, he looked over at Mellok, still rolling in pain on the floor as blood seeped out of his gaping back wound. Gul’dan moved in closer to the chieftain with his dark grimace, “We don’t have to be enemies, Torok, I know your tribe values strength above everything else, and with the powers of the Legion, none will be able to stop you.”
Torok took no time to consider it, “Save my son, and we have reached an accord. I don’t care how many souls I must sell.” Gul’dan was surprised with the ease the tauren had turned, “Very well. Cordana, please heal our new friend…”

Cordana nodded as she walked up, grabbing Mellok by the horn and dragging him with great strength over to the corrupted pools. She took his head and shoved it into the twisting waters, his limbs squirming as he tried to breath in the foul liquid. “We had a deal!” Torok yelled in fear and frustration as he watched his son start to drown.

“Enough, Cordana.” Gul’dan commanded, the warden hesitating before pulling Mellok back up, his lungs coughing up the green waters. As he struggled for breath, he started to scream, his horns violently contorting, his body growing twisted claws and fangs as sharp as razors. His wound, once fatal, began to heal with intense speed, and it was not long before the tauren stood reborn as a twisted and demonic beast. Torok stood silent as he peered at his only child’s recovery, before kneeling in front of Gul’dan, “My people will be yours… as soon as you pay my son back with some form of atonement.”

Gul’dan’s smile left his face, “Oh, and what would he want?”

I want her dead…” Mellok whispered, trying to catch his breath as his enraged visage stared intently at Cordana. Gul’dan chuckled, “I am afraid death is out of the question, as is maiming or crippling, but there are other ways you can… humiliate her.”

Mellok knew what the warlock insinuated, and smiled, his sharp teeth grinding in anticipation.

Cordana’s head turned sharply as she looked to her master, “What!?” she cried, “You would… hand me off to these beasts for…!?” Gul’dan smiled, “Only temporary, my dear.” Cordana shifted, her green eyes flaring with anger, “I sold my sisters out for you! I handed you all you ever wanted!” she pleaded, ” I gave up everything! You can’t…”
“Lies” Gul’dan scowled as he walked toward his servant, “You wanted them dead. You hated them. It was how I turned you. Do you not remember? That biting anger that consumed your heart over all those long years, forced to serve in the darkness of that prison.”

Cordana stood silent, her breath becoming heavy as the warlock got closer. “I… but these beasts…”

Gul’dan shifted as if in a blink, and was now standing in front of Cordana as she dropped her glaive, “You did everything you wanted, and thus how can I trust your loyalty? No… now you will do something that makes your skin crawl, that makes your heart ache, and your very soul burn.”

Cordana felt a biting sense in her mind, as if the warlock was now speaking from inside her, “Prove your loyalty…”

“Y… yes master… I will do as you command” she whispered weakly as she felt the strong revitalized arms of Mellok take her from behind, ripping off her armor piece by piece. At first she struggled for but a moment, but soon her will returned to her masters commands, “Do what you will, beast. I will prove my loyalty to the cause.”

Gul’dan turned his gaze to the chieftain, who himself looked on with a grim satisfaction, “Now, Torok, let us take this water, and join your tribe. Shall we?”

As they left, Gul’dan heard a scream from behind as Cordana took in the tauren’s massive cock deep and hard, he yelled down back into the caverns one final time, “You get nine hours, enjoy them well.”

The Bounty

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“Bastard…” Jesana whispered as she endured the demon hunter’s relentless thrusts, his demonic grip sharing a troubled familiarity.
“Silence. Remember, you brought this on yourself.” he sneered at her, making sure each trust went deeper and deeper, “All I wanted was the gold on your head, but after that show, you needed to be shown your place!” He thrust extra hard to punctuate his remark, making her yelp in surprise.

Jesana’s memory was hazy as the pleasure raised with each thrust, yet she recalled the ambush just that morning. She was on assignment in Azuna when they descended upon her. A party, ten strong, came looking to collect on a bounty her former “master” had placed upon her. When she made it clear she wouldn’t come quietly, they attacked without mercy.
When the dirt cleared, nine corpses laid at her feet. “Oh, I remember, you hung back like a coward as I slaughtered your friends.” she grunted with a smile, “What a pity.”
“I said silence!” her assailant yelled as he pushed hard and deep, holding his cock inside her, “It does not matter. You were tricked by my trap runes, and now I shall have all of the reward and more.” he growled. Jesana couldn’t see his eyes, but she could feel his gaze narrowing in on her.

Jesana bit her lip, “So… these bindings? Did my old master give them to you?” she asked coyly, taking the demon hunter by surprise. “Why does it matter?“ he questioned. Jesana closed her eyes, the familiar magic took hold any time she resisted, to make her docile, but they were much weaker than those used by her former captors.
As the demon hunter continued his onslaught, Jesana turned her head and smiled. She had broke from this magic before, on a much stronger level, and with a bit of time, she knew she could do so again. In the end, the demon hunter’s need to make an example of her for his own pleasures, rather than deliver her that night, would be his undoing.

Until then, she might as well enjoy herself.

Fel Friday! The Deal with a Devil

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Fel Friday! Escaping the Past

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Iron Friday! An Iron Sandwich!

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