“Please, stay here with me…” Vereesa begged, her body quivering with each trust of her husbands cock, her body glowing in the morning sun. Rhonin looked at her, his eyes sorrowful yet determined, “I am sorry, my love, but Jaina needs my help. Don’t worry, I will return from Theramore soon.” Vereesa leaned back, wrapping one leg around him and pulling him deeper, “I will hold you to that…”

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A continuance…

“Oh, Malfurion… I waited thousands of years for you to awaken and take me like this.” She whispered seductively, the heat of their bodies burning hotter then even the candles that illuminated nearby. Malfurion smiled as he looked down at her glistening body, “Yes, my love, and that means we have much lost time to make up for.”

Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #18

Weekly Random #18

It was a warm day in the fields, the sun rising high over the hills, cascading like gold from the Vale.  Farmer Fung lifted his hat from his brow, allowing the sun to warm his fur.

“Oh no no no!” came a shouting from the distance, the young Xaohina running down the road frantically and taking the old farmer by surprise.  “Woah! Hold on!” he yelled as he reached down from his cart, grabbing the young woman by the collar, “What is wrong!?”

She stopped struggling and looked up, a shy glance crossing her face, “Forget it, Mr. Fung.  You won’t believe me.”

Fung raised his brow at Xaohina, “We will not know that till you tell me.”  he exclaimed as he wiped some of the sweat from his brow.

She sighed and began to explain, “It’s my friend, Miza.  Both of us had just finished tending for the day when we decided to head to the market.  The outsiders were there, and they had with them strange eggs and vermin… or should I say… rabbit ear hats.”  Farmer Fung began to stroke the fur on his chin, “Ah yes… Noble Garden.  I hear the outsiders celebrate this strange holiday once a year. ”

“Well…” she continued her story, once again embarrassed to explain, “We took part in the festivities and collected some eggs.  She got a rabbit ear hat and a basket of those eggs, while I got some weird magic stick.  The little guy that gave it to me said the magic in the stick would turn anyone I desired into a rabbit! I… I thought it would be funny to use it on Miza…”

Farmer Fung was starting to get a better picture, “Ah so you turned her into a rabbit and she ran off?” he asked.  Xaohina shook her head, “Not… not exactly.  The stick ended up being cracked…” she seemed to once again shy away embarrassment, “She went crazy, stripping herself naked right in front of me and screaming about the joys of spring!  Before I could even realize what happened she skipped off in this direction and vanished into the brush! with her basket still in hand!”

Farmer Fung could understand the hesitation, that was a weird story, “Don’t worry too much, that type of magic usually wears off after a time.  I am sure she will return to her senses.” he said, trying to comfort her one last time before he headed off to the market.  She put her face in her hand, “I know that, Mr. Fung, but I am a little worried what she might do before that happens….”

It was then Farmer Fung realized after years dealing with vermin what one of the most defining traits of all rabbits. “Oh no…”

A mile away at the Greenale farm, the young Haun spends his time at home cleaning out the upper level of the estate.  He is taken by surprise when a loud thud hit his ceiling, followed by the sound of footfalls.  As he followed the sound curiously it ended at the side balcony.  He peered intently, walking towards the opening when suddenly a womanly figure climbed down before him, her naked body exposed for all to see, “Wha… wha… what!?” he stumbled as the woman skipped and then leapt onto him like a vermin on a carrot, “Male!” she screamed.

Haun stood still as the woman held him tight, her hips beginning to dry hump him furiously.  She looked up to him, her red cheeks showing through her soft fur and her weird hat in the shape of vermin ears.  “This… this is not how I imagined courting to take place.” he uncomfortably mused to himself, the young woman staring intently into his eyes as she licked her fangs. “It is spring!” she finally spoke, “Let us plant the seed”.

“Seed? Is this some weird joke?” Haun questioned, looking around to see if his friends were playing a prank on him, “Everyone knows I can’t farm worth a mushan’s hindmeat.”

The woman looked at him again, reaching down and yanking at his pants, “No, not that seed.  This one…” she said as she reached into his pants, caressing his balls.  Haun puckered his lips, “Oh wow…” was the last thing he could say before she savagely ripped off his clothing.

And with that, I get ready for my trip.  Have a good weekend and week everyone.

Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #17

Weekly Random #17

The stars were bright over the skies of Dalaran.  Though not as busy as it had been in times since the fall of the Lich King, the streets were still crowded with young travelers attempting to make names for themselves in the cold, wild lands of the north.

The busiest place had become The Legerdemain Lounge, known for it’s fine drinks and proximity to the famous wine and cheese shops.  It had rooms adorned with finery and silk, making it a favorite to travelers and locals alike.  As many drank and celebrated, one such room was occupied by two unlikely companions.

“Come with me, Sylandria.  I fear something horrible will happen soon.” came the voice of the human, his face young yet worn by conflict.  The other figure stood silent in the corner, her elven robes adorned in crimson and gold, “You are exaggerating.” she replied, her raven hair done up into small pigtails.  She turned, eyes glowing a dim emerald peered back at the human, “We Sunreavers don’t involve ourselves with the conflict in the south.”

The human frowned, his brow narrowing, “I don’t believe that for a second.” he threw back sternly, crossing his arms before him.  The elven woman smirked, looking over at the doorway to make sure it was closed.  Sylandria walked softly up to her companion, moving her hand through his brown hair lovingly.  “Joseph, did I ever tell you that you worry too much?” she answered with a warm smile, Joseph turning his head in mild resistance.

She enjoyed her teasing, rising up on her toes to kiss him along his neck.  His eyes closed as she traced a line down towards his chest, reaching around slowly to unbuckle his breastplate.  “Sylandria, I am serious…” he said, attempting to fight back her charms.

She continued her movement, now pulling down his chest plate, her lips gliding on his skin down to his abdomen.  She reached around, pulling on the straps of his legplates.  Joseph felt the room heat up with each caress, “Please…” he said one more time.

Sylandria stopped her advance, looking up at him with narrow eyes, “I can’t…” she said softly, “It’s not about my loyalties here, I just…” she began to say, before pausing.  Joseph leaned over, grabbing her softly by the chin, “Why then?” he asked, pulling her in for a soft kiss.  Sylandria felt embarrassed  a rare event for her, “Our kinds are in bitter conflict.  If the Alliance should find out they would disgrace you as a traitor.” she continued, her eyes tearing gently.

Joseph smiled, pulling her in for another long kiss.  The two held close, refusing to let the other go until finally Joseph pulled himself away.  “If it comes to that, then so be it.” he said sternly, making sure she heard every word, “I would rather spend the rest of my life in exile then another day without you at my side.”

Sylandria blushed at his words, another warm smile crossing her face.  As the two stood she pushed him down, sitting him on the silk bed.  She stepped back, gently grabbing the ties of her robe and letting them loose, the whole garment falling quickly off her shapely form, showing that nothing else was underneath them.  She moved forward again, laying her body close to his and kissing him gently, “Well when you put it that way, I accept.” she whispered in his ear, finishing the unbuckling of his legplates,

Joseph felt his heart sore, as he touched her soft, golden thighs. “Then let us make our last night in Dalaran one to remember, my dear.”

Sorry for the delay.  Had a rough weekend and already a pretty rough week.  Hopefully things will go better sooner rather then later.

Reunion At The Waterfall – P3

Today ended up being just as bad as the other two days, so I sadly didn’t have the time I was hoping again.  At the least, I finally got the short story done!  Hope you guys enjoyed my little indulgence with my two main characters.

The Weekly Random is going to have to happen tomorrow, but on the bright side because of the delay I will be able to go into much more detail about the voted idea.  It’s going to be interesting if I can actually make it work.

After that, it will be time for another vote, and hopefully I will be able to get back to Hellfire.  I had planned some animations for it, but those animations with my total lack of time (plus the fact the models can be horrible to animate in certain poses) was what caused much of my frustrations.  Right now I plan one rather easy animation and the rest will have to be still, otherwise I worry I will never get to it.

Thanks for all the patience. Lok’tar Ogar!

She was so much stronger then I remembered, pushing her hips hard into me.  I could feel the water splashing around our ankles as I looked down at her firm ass, the cheeks bouncing lightly as they collided with my hips.  She felt so tight, her pussy pulling me in.  “You were right, it has been too long…” I whispered as she wrapped one leg around my ankle, making sure to get even more momentum into our thrusts.
She looked back to me and smiled, her cheeks growing more flushed with desire.  “How about less talking, more fucking?” she yelled back, biting her lip as her tail slapped into my chest.

I obliged her request, pushing her down onto the mossy rock to get more pressure into her.  She arched her back, digging her nails into the stone and screamed out again as I fucked her.  I pushed down into her, adjusting our position, allowing me to slam my cock balls deep into her wet heat.  “Fuck!” she screamed out, echoing through the hills, before she caught herself, holding her hand over her mouth.

RATW #10

We fucked like animals for what felt like an eternity, the pleasure building up in both of us as I felt her quiver and shake.  Her panting growing more rapid, but I knew I would have to change up if I was going to bring it home.  I grabbed her leg, lifting it up and flipping her over on to the rock.  I was expecting her to be surprised by the move, but she simply moved her hand up,motioning for me to come closer, her legs fully spread and dripping with her juice.

I crawled over her, lowering myself down to push into her soft chest.  She moaned with desire as I kissed her neck, moving up and gently licking her ear, “Oh you remembered…” she whispered, her hips gyrating, trying once again to welcome my cock deep into her. I didn’t actually remember what she liked, but I figured I was doing it anyways, so might as well go along with it.

RATW #11

I lowered my hips, pushing slowly this time, “Oh… oh…” she said as I once again penetrated her hot, wet heat.  She wrapped her legs around me tight, using her strong thighs to help me get down the rhythm of the movements she wanted most.  We kissed passionately, her glowing eyes penetrating my mind. I lifted my body back up again as her legs spread further, “Break me…” she whispered, my hips on fire as slammed into her.

RATW #12

Another eternity seemed to pass before I felt my cock begin to grow sensitive.  “It’s… oh… it’s coming soon” I whispered.  She pushed into me hard a few more times before I felt her body lift up into mine.  “In that case…” she said as she pulled her legs up, shifting me over onto my back, “I deserve some time in control, considering you are supposed to be my prisoner…” she said playfully.  She pushed her hips down hard, my hips arching on the wet stone.  She was so tight I felt my head spinning, the sex coming to an apex.

RATW #13

I reached up, grabbing her hips and breasts as she began to gyrate her hips. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed, her pussy as wet as the river around us.  I bit my own lip for a second as I felt my cock throbbing, but I was not going to give up. We kept up the motions, each thrust and gyration pushing her body to it’s limits.  “Light! Fuck!” she screamed, her body nearly radiating in the setting sun, as I felt her hips quiver from the orgasm.

RATW #14

I couldn’t hold it any longer, my own coming swiftly after.  She fell into me, her head looking back as my juiced spilled from her.

RATW #15

I felt so much satisfaction wash over me as she collapsed into my chest, removing herself from my still wet cock.  “That was amazing.” she said to me, her arms wrapped tight around me.  I reached my own hand around, caressing her back as we lay on the rock, the sun continuing to set in the distance.  “So what’s next?” I asked, preparing to continue our talk as she put a finger up to my lip.  “We talked enough earlier, and now have enjoyed a very romantic reunion.  So now, we should sleep.”

RATW #16

She looked deep into my eyes once again, her glowing white orbs giving me a strange sense of comfort.  I nodded to her as I lay back, her head on my shoulder.  As the stars began to fill the sky, my eyes closed.

As I slept a dream came upon me.  Back in Dalaran, Lakuu was enjoying the perks of her victory, fine ale and garments of power covered her form.  Drunk and horny she stumbled through the streets, looking for her way to our neutral room at the inn, the one which we spent many a cold night.  As she swung the door open she looked upon the bed, a single Frost Lotus sitting where my sleeping form would usually lay.  She always loved lotus flowers, and I figured it would be a fair final gesture of the time we shared.

The dream shifted, days later the Frost Lotus still sitting on her dresser withering in the sun.  She awoke, her eyes red with dried tears.  Did she actually care for me?  She pulled on her clothes, looking focused, a light smile crossing her face.  She walked over, taking the flower and looking at it a final time, before walking to the balcony and tossing the dying peddles to the wind.  She turned, her white eyes seeming to notice me.

I awoke in a cold sweat, my mind wondering if a green dragon was just playing some prank from beyond the Emerald Dream.  As my eyes came into focus I could tell something was missing, looking to my side to find Lakuu nowhere to be found.  “Lakuu?  Lakuu!?” I yelled, rubbing my eyes and a bit worried, which was rare for me.

I felt something slide down my chest, it seeming to have an illumination of it’s own.  I grabbed it with my now free hand, bringing it up close and enjoying it’s warm radiance. “Well played…” was all I could say…

RATW #17

She had left me a Golden Lotus.

Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #12, Happy New Year!

Weekly Random #12

Booty Bay was lively, cheers coming from the nearby tavern as the patrons prepared for the new years celebration. “Rocko!  How many more rockets you got to setup?” came the voice of the foreman, his gravely cries always hurting Rocko’s sensitive ears.  “Only a few more, boss!” he yelled back, two bottle rockets over his shoulders.  “Good, because you are on Big Burtha duty!”

Rocko let out a big sigh at the news, “Oh come on!  We are still cleaning the goop from the last bruiser that took that job!”  he complained, but the foreman was having none of it, “Do it, or you can kiss your overtime wages goodbye!”

Rocko left the main setup and walked over to the side of the store house, walking past a dozen signs that said “Keep Out!”, “Danger!”, and “Turn around before it’s too late, idiot!”  It was there he saw it, the infamous rocket, the one built time and again by the craziest of sappers to punctuate the new year.  “I better get a bonus for this!” Rocko cried out.

“Hey babe, what you doing?” came a sudden voice from the walkway above, Rocko looking up and first noticing the goggles, strapped casually to a forehead, before making out the face staring mischievously at him, “Oh… you got Burtha duty!?”

“Not now Jizzel! This is delicate business.” he said snidely as he pointed for her to leave.

“Hey!” she replied, twisting herself over the edge and dropping right next to Rocko, “That is no way to treat your girlfriend.”

“We already went over this!  You are not my girlfriend!” he yelled, the echo bouncing off the hills and causing the rocket to gently tip over, “Oh… oh… no…” Rocko said as he gently leaned over, pushing the nose of the rocket back upward.

“Aw, Rocko, babe, you going to make little ole Jizzy cry?” she said, walking up close to the shirtless goblin.  She grabbed him by the nose, pulling him toward her face, “Now tell me I am your girlfriend before I get out my wrench and make something accidentally happen to this rocket here.” she said sharply, a grin crossing her face.

Rocko’s eyes opened wide, “Okay, okay… Jizzy-bear… but I really do have to get back to work here.”

Jizzel pushed past him and walked up to the rocket anyways, marveling at it’s complexity, “So how much powder it got in there?” she asked, leaning up on it. Rocko felt his heart race, “Careful! She is full of concentrated boom juice!” he yelled, running up to her.

Jizzel gasped, “Oh my, that sounds like it would be one nether of a boom!  It’s making me all hot just thinking about it.” she said, waving at her face, “Oh, I know, you should totally fuck me on it!”

“What!?  No!” Rocko said in shock, before pushing her away from the rocket.

“Come on, babe!  Let me ride your rocket on the rocket!” she said as she pushed herself back into him, her breasts rubbing through her tunic on his open chest.  “I… huh…” he tried to protest, but Jizzel knew all his sensitive spots, nibbling on his ear and licking at his neck, “Pleeeeeeeeease?” she said, reaching into his shorts.  “Give me the Rocko Rocket!  I will even let you launch into my special ASSets.”

Rocko licked his lips, “Re… really?  Well in that case…” he said as he ripped  her tunic, pulling it quickly off and reaching for her pants  unbinding them, “Oh, yes!” Jizzel moaned as he pushed her now exposed body into the rocket, causing it to lean with her, “Ready for launch, babe!” she said, holding apart her cheeks so that Rocko could get a good view of her fuselage.

Rocko couldn’t take it anymore, ripping off his shorts and running towards her, “I am going to blast you good!” he said as he slammed into her, his dick pushing it’s way deep into her ass.  “Ouch!” Jizzel yelled, “Careful with the propulsion!” she said he pushed harder, causing her to bite her lip with pleasure and pain.

Rocko pumped hard into her, grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them as her tits slapped into the rockets hull.  Jizzel moaned, “Oh your rocket is so huge!” she said as she pushed back against him, the force causing the rocket to now shake violently.  A few thrusts later and the rocket fell over entirely, the two goblins now riding on top of it.

Rocko felt his body tingle as she squeezed around his cock, his eyes glazing over.  Jizzel smiled as she looked back, “Who needs fireworks!” she said playfully, her body hot and sweaty, “Explode inside me, babe!  Do it!”

Rocko’s mind was lost in the pleasure, but a sudden smell caught his nose. It smelled like brimstone mixed with pineapples, “Wait… what is that?”

Without missing a thrust Rocko looked down to notice a leak in Big Burtha’s main launcher, the boom juice dripping out.  He thought back to what his foreman told him, “Remember, boom juice is HIGHLY UNSTABLE!  Even just the heat of your body has the chance of setting it off!  Don’t do anything that heats you up!” the voice said, clearly in his mind.

“Oh shit…” he said as the smell suddenly changed, to that of blazing fire.  Jizzel was still pushing hard into him, “Don’t stop… don’t!” she said before the blaze ran it’s way up the juice and into the main rocket.  With a sudden concussive blast, the rocket launched the two airborne.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Jizzel yelled as they flew upward, her nails digging into the rockets body.  Rocko held tight onto her hair, “Why do you have to have such a sexy, dangerous ass!” he cried,  “Oh… oh shit!” he yelled as he forgot how close she was to climax, his cock twitching deep into her ass.  He let out a scream as he unloaded inside her, the rocket still screaming into the heavens.

Jizzel moaned before yelling out  into the night sky, “Best… sex… ever….”

Happy New Year!  A little early, but hey, whose counting?  This image was a fun one to make, that Jizzel is DYNAMITE. (CWIDT)

Now, I would say that is the only image I made this week, but I would be lying.  I made another image, involving some upcoming mogu chicks from 5.2, however I felt it would be a little more niche.  So instead of making a normal post, you can find it hiding somewhere in this thread.  Oh, and it’s animated. (1/1/13 applied some small stealth edits!  for those that want a hint, know that I am blocking the path.)

Either way, see you all next year!  Lok’tar Ogar!