Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #11

Weekly Random #11

It was a festive night on the eve of Winters Veil, but Bron felt himself pacing nervously.  “No no no she can’t be here!” he muttered to himself as he looked down at the roaring fire in the fireplace.

A sudden noise caught his attention at the door, followed by a load bang.  Bron felt sweat drip down his forehead as he awaited what was coming.

Another slam followed, and his iron door buckled under the force.  Two large men quickly entered, a lumbering ogre and a human covered in scars.  They pushed aside his now mangled door to make way, bowing for the one behind them.

Bron swallowed his fear as she entered, her elegant finery a odd contrast to her sharpened claws and white razor teeth.  “Countess Vana… To what do… do I owe the pleasure…?” he barely spit out.

“I am disappointing in you, Bron.” she answered, brushing away some of her silken hair as she walked up to the fire, Bron noticing that her eyes avoided him.  “My associates in the city have informed me you stopped giving your contributions.”

Bron looked over to the two goons, the human sharpening his dagger as he smiled at the dwarf, “But… It’s Winters Veil!  I barely had enough money to get my children some gifts!” he yelled, hoping for an ounce of compassion.

“Winters Veil…” the Countess whispered, before letting out a great laugh.  “How silly…Where are the children anyways?”

Bron felt a knot fill his stomach, “With the wife at the festivities, they… they wanted to meet Greatfather Winter.  Please, leave them out of this!”

“Then I suggest you hand over your contribution, or I may have to take it another way.” she said

Bron reeled back, “I.. I already bought the presents…”  he said with fear filling his voice, he looked to the two goons now approaching him.  The Countess simply turned to him, a smile crossing her face, “You can stop, boys.”

Bron wondered if she had a change of heart, but the piercing gaze of her violet eyes removed that thought, “Then I guess we will take the presents as p… I am sure I can find a price for them during this ridiculous holiday.”

Bron’s face turned white as she and the goons turned  from the fireplace and walked to the tree, reaching down to pick up the gifts he worked hard to buy, “May Greatfather Winter have mercy on your soul…” he said, anger and sadness filling his heart.

“Did someone call?” came a sudden voice from the fireplace, Bron turning with surprise and glee, which lasted just long enough to notice the huge frame and green skin of the man standing before them,”Greatfather Winter?”

The orc smiled, “Not what you were expecting?” he said as he pulled a ridiculously large and festive rifle from his sack, “I get that a lot around here…  by the way… you might want to duck.”

Bron his the deck as the orc fired his rifle, launching what appeared to be a massive coal at the ogre, nailing him in the forehead.  The human was in shock over what had just happened, giving the orc enough time to launch a second barrage that clocked him too.  Both were quickly unconscious.

Bron looked up in astonishment as the orc pulled out another oddly decorated blunderbuss, pointing it quickly at the Countess, “What is the meaning of this!?” she yelled, flexing her claws and leaping into the air.  The orc was quick to compensate and fired, entangling the worgen noble in a huge wad of ribbon.

“Enough of this!” Bron yelled, getting up off the ground, “This is getting too crazy even for me!  I am going off to be with my family, you weirdos can do whatever you want!”

The orc watched as Bron stormed out the broken doorway, letting out a laugh.  He quickly moved up to the Countess, as she struggled trying hard to break from the extra strong ribbon.  “This is madness… why are you doing this?” she asked, staring deep into his red eyes.

The orc knelt down next to her, peering back as he unbuckled his pants, “You are on the naughty list…  and I get to deal with the naughty ones.”

Not much more to say, other then Merry Christmas!

Okay, one more thing to say, this worgen is an old character I designed but never used.  Might see more of her in the future.

Weekly Random-A-Thon Bonus Image!

Random Bonus

Sneeki felt her blood race as she sprinted, the light from the magic conduits being her only guide out this blue dragon freakshow.  She perked up her ears, the sudden scream coming from far behind her, “What do you mean it’s gone!?”

Sneeki giggled to herself as she kept running, the magical artifact held tight to her chest.  She didn’t have much use for it, but she figured it would get her a pretty penny back in Dalaran.  The others would understand, or not, she didn’t really care.

As she turned another corner, she noticed a strange glow.  Green runes adorned the floor just in front of her, catching her off guard.  She decided to make a break for it, running at full speed towards the runes.  As she came upon the runes, a strange fire overtook the spot in front of her and a figure materialized, her head knocking directly into it’s metal shin.  “Oof!” she said as she was stunned, the world spinning quickly around her.

“I knew putting that demon gate back here was a good idea.” came the familiar voice of the groups warlock, Sneeki’s eyes came back into focus just in time to see the angry snarl of a Fel Guard reaching for her and lifting her up by the cuffs of her armor.

“Hey put me down!” she yelled, as the artifact was ripped from her hands by the demonic entity.  She looked over as the warlock himself stepped forward, taking the artifact into his hands.  “You know we were rolling for this, not very nice to steal it.” he said with a condescending grin.

“I deserved it more then you losers!” she snarked back, kicking and squirming as the demon held her tight.

The warlocks face turned to even further amusement, “Deserved it?  My demon and I were going to return the artifact for a proper roll with the others…  though now I think I should show you what you really deserve.

The warlock waved his hands, the demon grabbing both side of her armor and pulling quickly, ripping the whole outfit in two.  Sneeki’s eye grew wide and she stopped moving for a bit as she looked down at the demon, his snarl turning to a twisted grin.”Huh oh…”

This one was a little faster then the last one, but I think it turned out well.  This was the bonus to make up for missing last week.  Now time to finish up that poll for the upcoming animation week!

Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #6

Weekly Random #6

It was a busy evening, the sound of excitement filled the air.  Silas skipped along, watching the spectacle alone for the first time in awhile.

“Silas Darkmoon!” came a growl from behind him, Silas turned to see a worgen male turning from the prize booths, holding what appeared to be a massive amount of Darkmoon Tickets. The worgen stormed up to him and dropped the tickets at his feet, Silas mused that it must have been thousands of them.  “I was told you have no more rewards for me to get, what am I going to do with all these blasted tickets!?”

Silas reached over and picked a grouping of the tickets from the pile, taking a second to stare at each one on the line.  “Impressive work.  You must be our most dedicated player.”  He said as he looked up, his eyes seeming to peer beyond the worgen. “I… huh…” the worgen tried to continue, but he felt a sudden deep unease.

“Come with me, for all these tickets, I can give you a sneak peek at something I have been working on.” he said, waving for the worgen to follow.  He walked him down the path towards the zoo, greeting every carnie he passed with an affectionate nod. The worgen remained silent, the unease of the gnomes glare still penetrating his mind.

They stopped at the pens, most still filled with animals but one seemed empty.  The worgen sniffed the air, a familiar perfume filling his nostrils.  Silas leaned on the fence, his hand still holding the stray strand of tickets, “Ah it seems you already smell her…” he said with a coy smile. The worgen was confused, “Azshara… from my time in the past, but that is impossible…”

“Nothing is impossible with my faire, worgen.” he said, knocking on the fence a little tune.  A nearby cage suddenly opened and out came a few carnies holding a soft skinned figure, her white gown glowing in the moonlight, “Unhand me this instant! You savages!”

The worgen’s jaw dropped, “How…” was all he could say before Silas once again looked up and beyond him, “Actually, it’s better if I don’t ask.”

Silas nodded his agreement, and whistled as the carnies tied the elven queen to a haybale in the pen, “I know about all the desires of my guests, but you had a rather unique one.” Silas said, once again looking down at his tickets, “I think these tickets for some time with the queen here is a fair trade, as long as you let the other guests get a glimpse.  What you say?  We got a deal?”

The worgen looked on with hunger, his eyes peering at the woman he so desired as he reached for the buckles on his armor.  “I love this place… you got a deal!”

I don’t know about you guys, but that Silas, he both makes me smile and creeps me out.

Just imagine this music in the background of the new image.  Though it might kill some boners, so maybe you shouldn’t…

Hope you all enjoy it!

Lok’tar Ogar

Blog Updates, plus that one bonus image…

Random Bonus

Decided it was about time to officially upload that Pandaren image.  I had it as a bonus for those that found it during that one week, but it didn’t feel right keeping it out of the gallery.

Been a little busy with the lil’ orc around, so not had a lot of time to work on new images.  I have, however, had time to improve the blog a bit.  Over the next day or so I plan to make the galleries better with slightly larger thumbnails and better formatting.  So far the Weekly Random and Hellfire image pages have gone through the updates, but the rest will take a bit longer.  Tell me what you think.

Let’s hope this weekend has more time, I really want to get Hellfire updated! Lok’tar Ogar!

To a great artist… Mid-week bonus image.

Random Bonus


Seems to be an odd month for many.  Much like Silvyraven last week, I knew my friend TurboTauren was also going through some tough times.  I promised to make an image for her to cheer her up, and this is what I came up with to sate her Satyr loving loins.  Hope you like it Turbo!

Lok’Tar Ogar!

Hellfire – Taming the Hunter – Update!

Like I promised, Hellfire has another update.  The story continues, and it looks like Ku’jin is starting to give in a bit to those primal urges like a good troll.  Don’t forget to check out the updated story in the story section!

Starting with this post I am going to also put up the new images here for people to click on.  You can also see them on the side using the recent images bar, but I feel like I want to get in the habit of showing the work on the front page too.  It’s been working really well for the weekly randoms.

Like?  Dislike?  Always open to feedback people!  I don’t bite… much…

Lok’tar Ogar.

Hellfire - Kujin #24 Hellfire - Kujin #25 Hellfire - Kujin #26

Phew, with MoP releasing tonight I was starting to get worried I wouldn’t get this out, so I pushed ahead to make sure I did.  Hopefully you guys like it.

Ku’jin put up a valiant fight, but in the end the ferocity of the fel orc was too much for her to handle.

Taming the Hunter

As a side note, I am still working on making this blog, so does anyone have any suggestions?  Should I be posting the direct image links in these posts?  Or is it okay to simply link to the other page?  Please, help me improve this place. Update: Decided I will add the new images to these posts.

Lok’tar Ogar!

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