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Fel Friday! Lara Again!

Tuesday Quickie! Temple Visitor

Want to once again thank Primer for letting me use some of his models. I really wanted to use his Nelf again, so here is a small quick scene I threw together of the busty version of Jesana and my orc hunter, Grok.

Monday Quickie! The Fireside Fling

“Won’t your husband be pissed when he gets back? I am allergic to getting maimed.” the Kaldorei said nervously. Lyrosa laughed, “Don’t be so worried. He does this all the time. He won’t be back till the moon sets and the sun rises.” The Kaldorei let out a yelp as a claw pricked his back, Lyrosa smiling playfully, “Though if you don’t make me cum, I can’t promise I won’t maim you myself, elfy boy.”

April Fools!

After looking over all my footage, I realize that with some hard work I could get the video released earlier then expected! Hope it was worth the wait! Enjoy!

Commission – Zaela Loves Garrosh

Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas

After copious amounts of eggnog, Lakuu decides to get the mistletoe and open one of her presents early.
Grok on the other hand, is still trying to figure out how Great Father Winter stuffed him down the chimney.

Commission #2 – Revise

Better late then never I always says. Now let’s never speak of that drama again.

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