Fel Friday! The Fleshlight!

Experiment Log 110615.  Had discovered a possible breakthrough in my gene conversion techniques using old Illidari records found in highest sections of the Citadel.  Though in-depth, the information would require much time to process and rectify with my own notes, leaving me with little time for my “daily exercise” with my beloved slaves.  Due to luck, one of the soldiers had left his flesh-light, known as a “Goblin” to the outside world, wandering behind in the labs.  Usage of said Goblin was adequate to my needs but will require further usage before can be properly reviewed.

A Special Mission

Kirandros sweated nervously as he paced outside his room high above the Barracks, the commander had always sent him off on missions with his compatriots, but tonight his name was left off the active roster, with no explanation.  “She is going to replace me, I just know it.” He thought as he tapped his staff on the nearby railing, leaning over to mope.  Unlike many of the others, Kirandros was recruited through a mercenary contract, rather then directly by the commander, leaving his connection to her tenuous.  “She probably found some blasted brute willing to…”

Kirandros paused his sentence as he heard the angry clap of a hoof on wood just behind him, “Willing to what? Continue…” came an all too familiar voice.  The night elf turned and froze as he saw the commander standing only a few feet from him, dressed in full combat plate, and spinning her still blood-soaked sword casually with her right hand, “I… It’s not… I apologize Commander.  That was uncalled for on my part.” Kirandros said as he tried to recover from his obvious blunder.

“I admire the honesty, also… it’s Lakuu” the commander said firmly as she laid her sword gently on the wall, “Just call me Lakuu.”  The draenei was slow with her movements as she began to unclasp her shoulderpads, leaving the elven druid a bit confused.  “Comm… I mean, Lakuu, shouldn’t you be changing back in your private quarters!?” he questioned, but she just smiled and continued, “You likely wondered why I kept you here while sending off all the others.  Do no fear, for I have a very special mission for you.” she purred. Before long, she stood entirely nude before the befuddled druid, her skin lightly glistening from past hours of combat among the jungles of Tanaan.

Kirandros ears stiffened as he stared, blushing at her exquisite form,”Commander… Are… are you trying to seduce me?”  Lakuu narrowed her eyes is frustration at how dense the young druid seemed, “I said call me… actually, never mind…” she whispered as she walked in close to him, starting to rip part of his clothes off with rapid, precise movements. “I’m very, very horny, and I wanted to get to know you better.  Now you will take on this special mission, and put one hundred percent into it, or I am going to meet with the headhunter tomorrow for your replacement.  Understood?” Lakuu said with her commanding presence. The druid smiled as he finally got the hint, reaching around her to grasp Lakuu’s tight little ass, “Yes, Commander. I won’t let you down!”

Lakuu 3.0 thanks to the amazing talents of Ellowas!

Porno from Fel

“Gunthor!“ The Beholder yelled, “You are not Mikael Fray! Hold the camera steady!” The Imp continued to struggle with the strange apparatus, “I am trying!? Okay!? This was -not- in my contract!” he continued whining.

The Beholder looked down at the scene before him, the young troll he captured being drilled by the corrupted orc nice and deep, “Good, good, but you call that emotion!? Come on, Troll! I want real anger, real disdain!”

Ku’jin tilted her head as she tried to push free, rolling her eyes at the Beholders attempts to coach her. Ku’jin couldn’t believe her horrible luck, “Of all da caves I decid to enter, I stumble on a demonic porno!? Who ever watches dis stuff!? No one gonna believe me!” she whispered to herself, “Oh well, I been through worst…“

“Director, when will it be my scene again?” came the seductive call of the nearby succubus, her patience weighing thin. “Soon!” he yelled, turning back to the duo as they fucked on set, “Give me all you got! ACTION!”