The Decision

So now that I have some zen, I have decided on what I am going to do involving all the sizes and what-not.  I am lowering my GIF size down to 720 x 480.  The only reason I am doing this is because I want to have longer animations, and my computer chokes on anything over the 30 frames at higher resolutions.  I may still make the rare short loop with higher resolution but that will be on an image to image basis. I am still not happy with how much larger the file size is but I guess I have to live with that.  Maybe I should move the GIFs off the main page for loading purposes?  What you guys think?

For those that like higher resolution, don’t worry, I am not getting rid of them, I am just not going to make them into GIFs.  Instead, each of the GIFs will have an accompanied video file at the higher resolution, though looping it might be a bit of a pain in the ass.  I wish I could make that better but formats are restraining me more then a fel orc retrains his elves.

The only big issue I have now is Tumblr.  The 1MB limit on GIFs is rather harsh, so I am forced to lower the size and color till it’s almost nothing like the regular GIF.  I wish Tumblr just allowed hotlinking from my webspace. I will have to worry about that later.  Here is a re-release of that succubus animation.  Thanks for putting up with all my crazy this last two weeks.  Hopefully the worst is over.

So… your are not going to eat my soul, right? -Video File-

GIF Conundrum Update

I have been looking into other options for posting, and found out I can pretty easily load and make videos loop.

However, I can’t seem to make them stop buffering at the end. This means the loop can’t be “seamless” unless you download it and run it in a program that allows seamless looping of video.  All my research has lead me to pretty much nothing other then a lot of people talking about Java code, which has caused my brain to run off to Guam for a vacation.

I was going to save this video for later as I am making a little story around it, but as it’s the only example I can show you guys, you can enjoy it as a little teaser.

Edit: Video suddenly got really bugged.  Not sure why.  Had to take it down.  Will return when I figure out what happened, likely as a GIF.

As you can see I extended out the loop to have a bit more expression.  However, trying to turn this into a GIF at 720 turned out to be impossible (my computer chokes) and knocking down 25% to my normal 540 GIF size still ended up being 20MB or so if I could squeeze past the choke.  Best I could get was 6MB for a small 360 GIF.  I am just not sure how well I can live with that for the main posts.  If that little slow down at the end didn’t exist I would be pretty happy with this new video embedding if I could find a better video gallery plugin.

The only idea I had to get around the issue is do multiple camera angles.  Then when it reverts to the start at least it won’t be as jarring since it would transition from one shot to the next.  Though that would cause making successful GIFs out of them even harder.

I am utterly torn.  I like making stuff, but sometimes I really hate dealing with all the logistics.  What you guys think?  Tell me in the comments.