Greetings from the Webmaven (read slave)

Hello, many of you might remember me as Silvyraven from the darknest forums. I will continue to use that name so there is no confusion, but Rexx usually just calls me whatever he feels like. It tends to bounce between WOMAN and SLAVE. We have a very give/take working relationship. I give, he takes, it works. (I am sure he will punish me for all of the nonsense I am spouting off here)

Seriously though I am here to help him out. Rexx focuses on the artwork and the ordering around of me, though I think he might let other people boss me around if he saw fit (please no more gnomes). So I slave on the back end making sure everything works and stays working. I handle all the day to day boring work like moderating, tagging his stuff, organizing things, and anything else he can think of. And I better do it before he has to crack that whip. I tell you I don’t even get a hello anymore! It’s just GET TO WORK! I feel so used… can slaves be used (please Sir…the gnomes are getting closer…)?

I am also in charge of design though he made the current theme I am working on some design stuff in the background for when he decides to change the look of the place. Knowing him, he will want it changed every other day, ok maybe not that often but probably to match whatever story arc he is working on or whatever whim suits him that day. I swear sometimes he makes me do stuff just so he can laugh and watch me suffer (OH GOD NOT THE GNOMES!).

So if there are any problems with the site, images, coding, and things or if for some reason your comments aren’t getting approved, or if there is anything that needs troubleshooting that will go to me. I mean you can tell him, but he will just shove it at me and tell me to deal with it “NOW WOMAN and don’t make me wait or ELSE” (Sir has a sense of humor right?).

I might also be posting occasional messages letting people know what is going on with the blog, a standard disclaimer, and other things so be on the look out for that. If you have any suggestions or want to make requests that will also go through me. The Mast… uh.. Rexx… usually lets me know when he is open for requests though he might tell you himself when he can be buggered to get off his rump and … I mean.. when he has time since he is VERY busy and all of that (Please no more gnomes…I’m funny, you like it when I am funny right Sir?).

EDIT: I put this together yesterday and have it posted on my blog but I thought I would share it here as well

Slave Silvy

Disclaimer and Legal Nonsense

Standard Disclaimer:
This website and the artist(s) within claim no ownership over properties owned by Blizzard. All NPCs, Models, Backgrounds, etc are taken under the fair use license and used with the understanding that profits are not being made on the intellectual properties there of.

All original content is copyright to the individual artists. All original concepts and characters are also copyright to their individual creators. Reproduction of original content without permission is strictly forbidden.

All rules, rights, and claims are subject to change.

-The Management

Welcome! I got new home!

What a strange trip that was.  Though it was unfortunate what happened over at Darknest, I have to give this action credit for finally pushing me to form my own blog.  It was something that was always in the back of my mind, but I never felt confident enough to take the plunge, considering how many people would likely not find it, or simply rely on Darknest.

Since Darknest is no longer an option to post my artwork and manipulations (outside of collabs), I will concentrate on posting here.  Maybe it will do me some good.  Now that I don’t have to worry about the lingering issues of fitting all my junk into a single thread, I might be able to post more.  Maybe show drafts and other items I just never had the heart to add before.

I hope those that check me out like the new site, and come back often.  I plan to add a page later with the web addresses of many other artists that are also getting kicked out, but that will have to wait for everything else to get established.  Just be aware this page is under construction and may change a lot over the next week as I get everything finalized.  For now, I have uploaded both stories of Hellfire and the images are located in another area.  I will combine again similar to how it used to be once I get the archive up and running.