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  • Hello Rexx,

    I would like to have a question about a specific commission. I saw that “beastiality” is on your “no” list, but i also saw you making content with worgen; so my question would be, that would you be interested in such commission? To be more specific a female worgen giving a blowjob to a male human? Somehow, i would like to see how would you be able to make that 😀 Also… please don’t bite me!
    Love your work.

  • anyone else blown away by that Lightning (FF) GIF?

  • Is there a reason for why i cannot see the bit torrent sync key?

  • Hi Rexx, lately your garrosh and Jaina proudmoore short video can’t be opened and seems to be a broken link. When it is clicked, it directs back to the first page of this website.

  • Hi Rexx I love you art work and I was hoping you could make more Gifs of Xuilan cus you do such a great job with her and I also had a suggestion I was hoping you could make something similar to this
    But alot better and maybe with Xuilan but if you plan on doing it let me know.

  • Can you already develop a video game I like what I see here! Where can I find the video game?

  • Hey Rexx, I wanted to ask( as I plan to put in for a commission if an occasion arises) what is your stance on female on female or dickgirls? I’d love to get a reply soon, and I look forward to other works you’ll put up =) Good luck and keep up the great work!

  • Hey Rexx !
    I love all your creations! Everything is just perfect, I see how you are getting better with the passage of time.
    I wanted to thank you for all your time and investment.
    You have no idea how much fun it is to see every week more and more things you do animations..
    Continue with your perfect job! We rested very much appreciate it.

    I also have one request .. You can make animated related to Oomlot ?
    heres the link to this mob

  • hello rex,where can i find full length videos, animated?

  • Hello Rexx,

    where can i find the high resolution Animations (720p) of “The Sleeper Awakes”?

    These scenes are really hot 🙂

  • Hey rexx please i hope you see this one because if you do it, it will be one of the most amazing gifs you did. You have seen Thrall’s mother Draka in WoD she is like the hottest orc that exists that brown-skinned with long blue hair can you do a gif where a blood elf male is fucking her in missionary position from the front please !! it will be your best work man well not the best but still close

  • Hiya rexx, my gf and I have had our toons together for like ever now. I was wondering if maybe I could ask for a commission?

    Our toons are both blood elves and I see your work with the new models, kudos <3 <3

    My character is a male blood elf death knight with blonde hair and pale (live)skin and hers is a female blood elf with skin #4 and red hair.

    She has face 5 and he has the sneery pissed off face

    Please do this, we'll both love and appreciate you more for it! 😀

  • Greetings! Your work is very exquiste. I wanted to ask if you ever would do something involving a female night elf druid in cat form in somekind of beast scene with other humanoid races. Keep up the good work though. Sorry for bothering!

  • Hey Rexx, I wanted to thank you for your great work as always. I recently was going through some of your older works, and ran across the old Hellfire: Taming the Hunter. I was wondering, what armor does Ku’jin use?

    Thank you for your time, and have a great day! 🙂

  • Hey Rexx! Thank you for your awesome work and your commitment to the community!

    Would you mind uploading the female Draenei prisoner comic to the archives? Would be very much appreciated! 🙂


    P.S.: Can’t wait for the new blood elves model to be released! I mean.. have you seen DAT ASS? 😀

  • Happy new year Rexx and all members of the community!

    Rexx, I was wondering, don’t know what you’re working on right now, but since it’s been a little time since we had some footjob action, would you please consider making one from Rayne? so far she’s the most beautiful NE and haven’t seen one from her, from her Point of View would be awesome too (and any others you feel like adding 🙂 ). Thanks and we’ll be seeing you guys.

  • Heya rexx! You think you could possibly do a softcore gif with a worgen male and pandaren female?

  • Hey, just wanted to give you massive props for some very dedicated and earnest work you put into..what is basically a typically frowned upon field of work. Going back and looking at how far you’ve come in skill and design, your camera work and modelling work is superb, as well as the amount of detail you continue to put into it.

    I won’t request or ask anything more of you, but simply give you some much needed credit for the work you do and the improvements you make. Keep it up, and look forward to seeing you get better and better!

  • Hey rexx i was through if you are going to do a kind of tutorial or what programs do you use to make this awsome arte, thanks for read this

  • Hey rexx! I noticed you don’t have much female pandaren on here…I was wondering, will you ever pick them up again?

  • Cool cool. I understand. But thanks on info and keep up the great work 😀

  • Hey, do you think you’ll dabble with the new arakkoa models? They’re pretty good-lookin’ for a burd. 😉

  • Hey Rexx love you stuff but I have a big big question for you. You been doing this for years correct.. Have you ever got tired of looking at porn or making it. I mean I know you do a great job and work hard at it but I was just wondering do you ever just get tired of making or creating porn? Not saying nothing wrong just a pure question. Like one would ask some one about the job they do .. I Know some people get tired of doing the same thing all the time… BUT I Will say this I love your work and just also wondering one last thing? When will we see part two to the video Hellfire..?? Be good and keep the good stuff coming 😀

  • Are you thinking of creating a full v. video game of this called rexcraft? I suggest to!
    If so are you recruting game designers.

  • some female worgen x female tauren action would be hotttttt

  • Hi Rexx! I absolutely love your work, it’s one of my frequent morning checks to see what you’ve put up! I was just wondering what software you were using to animate because I really want to try for myself 🙂


  • hey just some thoughts on descriptions for your work, thought you might wanna use them for future pics

    “a guild member talks things over with a fellow member about an issue”
    “an alliance raiding a horde city comes across a lone ranger” or other way around
    “two friends venture into the sunwell and come across some fun”
    “a horde stumbles into darnassus and is seduced for punishment”

    could come up with more but these seem pretty nice sounding

  • Hey man, gotta say, I fucking love your work.
    Grade A stuff!
    Next time I have 35$ available for commissions I may just ask ya to do something of my Forsaken aligned Worgen DK pounding his Orcish Warlock wife.

  • hope to see mounts in the future. literal mounting action would be niiice.

  • Hey Rexx I love the pics and animation you do love the Hellfire vid. I fap at your work everyday so i really enjoy it. But I was wondering if you are gonna make anotther video any time soon?

  • your work is absolutely fantastic! now that the tauren female models have been revealed, do you plan to work with those? they’re fantastically sexy, and i would love to see some of your work with them :3

  • Hi Rexx , I wannted to thank you for your hard work and also When can we expect new video ?

  • Do more videos than the gifs please! Theyre amazing!

  • Hey Rexx,

    Just wanted to awesome work man, from your fan down in South Africa. This is some talent you have. Keep it up man. Also I just had a quick question about how to download you newer works that arent synced with bittorrent?

    Thanks man

  • Hello Rexx,

    just a simple question, (sry for my bad English), i know you have much more experience in rigging and all this things. I am looking for a Draenei Male Model from wow, Problem is, try to Create my own whit Zbrush, but it is not easy whit a Line on the Hand. Have you a Draenei Male obj file from the New Models? If Yes it will be wonderful if you can tell me where i can find one.

  • Just want to give you a heads up, one of your images at doesn’t appear to be complete.

  • Great work, I dunno if you take suggestions but I’d love to see more Zeala and/or goblins. Cheers 🙂

  • Hello Rexx!

    I always admired and enjoyed your works, and I would like to humbly point out how few pictures there are from the females point of view! I’m not sure how much work there is into creating a new camera-angle, but I love pictures from her perspective.

    Thanks alot for reading!

  • Hey, I saw the Lara and friends video up on Naughty, it was about 5 minutes long, however, it seems to be gone now. Was that a feature you uploaded or was it something someone else uploaded?
    Thanks, REALLY love your work 🙂

    • Someone else uploaded and didn’t give me credit. I didn’t force them to take it down though, I just told them to credit me. Guess they decided just to wash their hands of it instead.

      • I see, that’s totally understandable!

        Is there a 5 minute version of the animation, I was following the progress a while back. I only see the gifs at the moment. If there is, where can I se it?

  • Hey Rexx, just wondering because I don’t seem to see any posts with much information on it here – are you scrapping the latest movie in favor of more .gifs? Been wondering this for a while and I can’t seem to see any further info on it. If you are, how ’bout getting someone like Nihil_ to do more edits of your .gifs with some voices over ’em? I know a lot of animators have trouble with longer movies and such since most of the programs you guys use start giving people hiccups once an animation starts getting past the fifteen second mark, but seein’ the stuff you guys do end up making videos of is always incredibly fappable.

    • The movie has not been scrapped. I am keeping it on hiatus until I feel good about working on it again. Right now the plan is to trim a lot of the fat and stick with what I really want out of it, rather then continuing to try and be overly ambitious.

      • Glad to hear it! I think we can all remain patient until you’re good and ready to pick up work again.

  • Hello Rexx!
    Just wanted to say I love your work! I really enjoyed the “Hellfire” video… really anything with Orcs!
    I was also wondering if you take requests for new characters/gifs/images/video creations?
    I don’t see many Undead in your collection, female particularly… and I would like to see a character of mine in action!

    • You can request something, but the likelihood of me taking a request is pretty low. If you really want something done with a specific character it’s best to commission when I am open.

  • G’day, Rexx! Love your work, you have so much amazing animating talent!

    Do you use WoW Model Viewer by any chance? I REALLY need somebody’s help with it, it won’t work no matter what I try… Also, how did you use the new character models?

    • I use it, but I have to use an old version. New version breaks exporting. I got the new character models by downloading the alpha, using a program that hooks into the client and rips out the base data (like the models), load them into WoW Model Viewer, and then export as much as I can into M3 format, which I can then convert to the format I use in C4D.

      • Could you tell what program you used that hooks into the client and rips out the Base data, ect.? I’m sure many Machinema Makers, Animators, ect. would love to know how it’s done step by step, why not make an instructional video on your Tumblr or something? It’d sure come in handy.

  • I asked somewhere else, but wanted to make sure you saw the question. Have you ever considered Patreon? I’m not particularly familiar with the system, but it’s popularity has been growing, and it’s something someone of your talent might be able to utilize for a bit of a more solid donation base.

  • Would you share the source files of the new reworked models ? I can provide to you any models of TERA, Blade and Soul and Scarlet Blade if you want. Best regards.

  • I see a lot of different races both female and male in pictures and animations, but I haven’t seen any with male Pandarens. Why is that?

    • I did one with Male Pandaren before. It’s in the random gallery. The reason I don’t do more? They have an odd body shape where the body it long and round with short legs and low hips. It makes it hard to get good looking angles. I may try more with them again in the future, maybe try soon.

  • Just wondering, but why do your characters look so bored when they are being raped? They all have blank expressions. Shouldn’t they look terrified/angry?

  • Love your stuff, especially the Pandaren..Hate to be “that guy” but I wouldn’t suppose you have any of your models up for download?

  • I don’t suppose one of your models can be shared? If not, it never hurts to ask haha

    • None are up for download though I have always considered it. It’s just I never reach a point where the model is complete, I always tweak per project, so I don’t have any that are truely “open and pose”. Maybe when the new models come out I will setup something like I tried last year and have downloadable variations.

      • Understandable. Well I asked a similar artist a similar question and it took him forever to answer, and he was kind of a dick about it so much abliged on that note. I’m having a lot of trouble trying to do it myself, and I got no clue what it is, even after asking several other artists on the matter.. Anywho if you did manage to put out a rigged and poseable model that would be awesome! Keep up the great work though, love it!

  • I hope you have plans for more female pandaren stuff, the tauren/fempanda one was great.

  • Hello! Been stalking for a long time, and recently tried my hand at researching custom WoW poses/animations for… well, you know~

    Regardless! I came up with nothing, so decided to ask one of the best I’ve seen. What software do you use to create your images?

    • It’s called Cinema4D. Worked with it on and off long before I started my porn, but never got good at it. Decided to pick it back up two years ago and have been getting better every month.

  • Hey, your new sylvanas pic is really great pls more of her 🙂

    could you tell me what programs you use to make the pics? i want to try it on my own a little bit so if you have any toturial or something that would be great 😉

  • The new angle on Sylvanas looks absolutely amazing! Definitely one of my all-time faves on your animation work 🙂 Would it be possible to make something with the same angle that might be a little faster and have Sylvanas tied up as an alternate fel-orc-dominating scenario? I think it would be very hot!

  • Ah, just read what you said about gay content (D:), but well, it’s okay, all this stuff is the best I’ve ever seen.

    Awesome indeed, awesome!

  • Thank you,it was amazing

  • Post more with yuki i love her!!!!

  • Hey Rexx.

    Your works always been fascinating to see, but as a red blooded gay orc, its always a shame I’ve never seen you try some gay animations and manips. Any reason why?

    • Name sounds familiar, you used to post on MMO-Champion a lot? I don’t post gay content because I only make art that interests me sexually. and I don’t find men all that attractive. Funny enough, I don’t find girl/girl (or futa) all that attractive either, but that might be due to the fact I get more sexually aroused by contrast in forms (thus why I love women getting pounded by ugly red blocky guys.) To each their own I say.

      • A shame, cause the man you do animate and work on do have the potential to be some pretty hot m/m action
        Still, to each there own. And my names taken from a gay artist of the same name who draws orc on anthro works.

  • Beloved Chief ! for a long time I`ve been following your work and progress, i wanted to ask how much it would cost a commission with Jessana and Garrosh (yes, them again and on Primer`s models) and if it can get a birthday discount for it xD

    • My birthday is also this month, so maybe we can work something out. December birthdays usually suck because no one ever gets you gifts. Kind of numbed myself to that fact over the years.

  • ummm gallery, videos sections are messed up ^^ seems broken

  • I think the Archive link might be broken for me. When I click the Archive section under Gallery it just keeps taking me to the main Gallery page, so I can’t see a whole section of your awesome stuff!

  • Ok, just tell me an email :9

  • I just got a Hearthstone Beta key, if you want it
    it´s yours!


  • Now that blizz has annouced new character models, will they be used once available, and are you excited to see the remaining models?

  • Hi Rexx! I’m just curious about ur night elf’s slave set. Can u tell me please what are these items?

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