Known by some as the “Titan of the Talon”, Chakwah once saw his tribe as too passive and lucid.  He was a warrior born, taking his spear and invading the night elven lands of the north as a one man army.  He became such a threat to the security of the Kaldorei, that even Jesana Moonfall attempted to hunt him down, though the tauren ended up being more crafty then she realized.  He would invade, sack any village he found, and would quickly leave before becoming outnumbered.

“I saw my people as inheritors by ancient rite.  We were the Shu’halo, and it was that these lands were ours to hunt and thrive.”

In the end it was not the glaive of his enemies that brought him down, but instead the very tribe he called home.  The elders of his village disagreed with his brutal methods, and after a conclave was held, it was decided that Chakwah would be exiled from his homeland, under the threat of execution should he return.  Chakwah felt betrayed, but what honor he held for his people forced him to accept his fate.  Stripped of his tribal name, he left with a broken heart.

“Many years I travel, many ales I drank, many whores I fucked. Nothing mattered anymore.  My home I swore to defend, was lost to me.”

Without purpose, Chakwah preferred to be kept alone wandering the Gold Road, avoiding his people whenever possible.  In this time, he began to reflect on his youth, to the people he killed and the elven warriors he raped.  He began to see why the elders had cast him out, for he had lost sight of his honor through the euphoria of his victories.  He wanted to be the wall that protects, but her had become the storm that destroys.

It was while in the city of Ratchet that Chakwah had first met the still novice pirate known as Robyn Darkwater.  She was looking for men and women to join her fledgling crew.  Chakwah was not interested in the idea of it at first, preferring to have his hooves clearly on the Earthmother.  It took an act of redemption to change his mind.

“She approached a large group of cutthroats to give her invitation, but they didn’t care for her offer, only her flesh.  I had enough! I impaled one on my horn, crushed another under hoof, and bloodied the rest with my knuckles. It was then I felt the sting of their blades cut into me as the survivors retaliated.  It had been long since I fought, and my mind and muscles had grown weary and weak. I accepted my death as the darkness took me, but then, I awoke…”

Having her crew save him and nursing him back to health, Robyn offered him a place as her left hand, her muscle to protect her and keep her safe from those that were stronger then her.  Chakwah, grateful to have found a place that didn’t judge him for his past sins, decided to give sea life a chance.  He would become the wall for his captain.


A tauren of few words and an exile from his tribe, Chakwah takes his job of defending Captain Robyn very seriously. It's best not to look at her too funny.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: A Choice of Spoils - 28
First Appearance: A Choice of Spoils - 2

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