Lakuu was always considered the black sheep of her family.  Having been born into a prestigious line of mages and scholars dating back to the golden age of Argus, she found the near constant studying to be stifling and her overall magical talents poor.

“My elder sister, Kylasta, was always the more gifted magi.  She could weave a spell before she even said her first word, but most of my spells always blew up in my face.  Literally and figuratively.  It took many years and many scoldings before my parents allowed me to follow my true dream, to become a Vindicator at the temple of Karabor.  My sister never fully forgave me for leaving her alone with my parents and brother.”

Training under some of the best teachers of the Hand, Lakuu found that her positive, open nature made her a strong conduit for the Light.  She was barely taken to the rank of journeymen when her family came looking for her.  The corrupted orcs had attacked cities on the borders of Nagrand, and rumor had it that they were heading straight for Karabor.  While her parents stayed behind to help defend the temple, Lakuu and her siblings lead a group of refugees towards Shattrath.  Though they made it with only moderate resistance from various outriders, Karabor was lost, and Lakuu knew she would never see her parents again.

“We stayed at Shattrath for a time as the very lands around us began to corrupt and decay.  I was chosen to be one of the few vindicators to leave with the Prophet, to hide in the Zangarmarsh just before Shattrath was destroyed.  So many things happened in those twenty years following.  Our world torn asunder, odd creatures appearing from various worlds and dimensions, and even hijacking a trans-dimensional vessel.  It was a wild time.”

Having gone with much of her people on the escape of the Exodar, she found herself weak from cryo-stasis, and had to retrain her body to take on the wild challenges of her new home.  Though her people found many new allies in the Alliance, she also found that the Horde she once fought existed there as well.  Yet something seemed different compared to the enemy she remembered.

“At one point I was captured, and knowing the horrors of the past, I assumed death, or worst, was imminent.  Yet, one rather unorthodox orc decided to try and help me escape his more aggressive allies.  The very idea was both shocking, and oddly alluring.  With the time he was able to buy me, I escaped to fight another day, and I realized that maybe not all of his kind were raging monsters.  Further interactions with the other member species of the Horde further cemented my radical outlook, though I remain loyal to my people and the Prophet above all others, I may give my enemies a bit of wiggle room, if the deserve it anyways”

With that, Lakuu rushed out into the strange new world, taking part in many epic battles from the peaks of Northrend to the very bottom of the sea.  A once novice Vindicator now a seasoned commander of the Alliance.

Crusader Lakuu

A warden of the Light, Lakuu looks beyond the squabbles of the major factions. Though she does not trust the majority of the Horde, she knows of a few members that she cares for greatly.

Comics: 38
Recent Appearance: Do or Die - 40
First Appearance: Do or Die - 1

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