Jesana Moonfall

Born in the shadowed forests of Ashenvale, it could be seen that the young Jesana would carry great strength and ambition.  Though she never knew her parents, the temple wished for her to have a simple and peaceful life free of the conflicts that orphaned her, but she found her studies stifling and fruitless, her imagination wandering to tales of when the sky rained fire, when the traitor queen brought near ruin to all if not for the power of Kaldorei prowess and ingenuity.  Her heart swelled with excitement recalling such stories, and she would often sneak out to watch the Sentinel’s train.

“I would stand in awe as the sisters of battle carried out their drills with incredible determination.  Lady Shandris was as deadly as she was beautiful, and she would launch her arrows with both grace and ruthless efficiency.  Each night I would kneel under the pale moonlight, and pray to the goddess that she would grant me a single wish, to join my sisters and create adventurous fables of my own.”

In time, her wish became a reality.  Having prepared most of her young life, she entered the harsh temple battle schools, and passed the accompanied trials with ease.  She moved quickly through the ranks, until she was given a proper assignment, to patrol the roads between the scattered Barrow Dens.  She was overcome with joy, until one dark evening when the twisted Satyrs attacked her camp.  Though she rose victorious, she was the sole survivor of her squad, the event shattered much of her youthful romanticism.

“I returned home with new perspective. So much did I wish for combat that I forgot how fleeting it could make my life. I needed to taste it all. On a whim, I proposed to Talos Nightforge, a young blacksmith and long time friend, and the two of us married on the eve of summer. It broke many of my sisters hearts, for a male outside of the Dream was a rare thing indeed, but I was young and impulsive. The two of us made love for the first time under the harvest moon, treating each of our nights together like they would be the last.”

Yet her duty to protect the forests kept her away from her husband, often for months at a time, which greatly strained the bond they once shared.  It all boiled over during the renewed war with the Burning Legion, when Jesana awoke the druid known as Wildclaw, her sexual frustrations and his charms igniting an extended affair that ultimately tore Jesana and her husband apart.

Jesana drowned herself in her work, and as the years passed, she found herself grow further in skill and confidence.  Before long, she became a symbol of fear among the enemies of the Kaldorei.  The orcs encroaching in the east suffered the most from her raids, leading Jesana to gain the nickname “Orcslayer”.  It was a nickname she long carried with honor and pride, though the sting of her regrets still burned deep.

With so many painful memories permeating her home, Jesana was quick to volunteer for the expedition to the broken world known as Outland.  Her ferocity in battle became that of legends among the various factions that peppered the hellish landscape, but it was the darkest of factions that took the most interest in her.  The Fel Horde, lead by Ravage, saw the elven commander as less of a warrior to be feared, and more as a trophy to be claimed.  In time, the “Orcslayer” would fall.

“I should have stayed in the forests.”


Jesana Moonfall

Once a high ranking member of the Sentinels, Jesana now finds most of her days under the subjugation of the Fel Horde. Though forced to take part in their twisted experiments and rituals, she seems to have a near unbreakable desire to escape.

Comics: 25
Recent Appearance: The Sleeper Awakens - 25 - The End
First Appearance: The Sleeper Awakens - 1

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  • This was awesome. After you are done with the hellfire video I’d love it if you could expand on that love triangle with Jes, Talos and Wildclaw. I think it will make for great short story like “ragefire betrayal” and “reunion at the waterfall”.

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