Kadis Starleaf

Kadis Starleaf

The most martial of the Starleaf twins, Kadis spent years in the Sentinels as a highly trained archer.  At one point she was even considered for a captain rank, but she had one great flaw, a long running bout of horrible luck.

“I always seem to have the odd habit of picking the worst possible situation.  Need to sneak through Mulgore? I find a way of going right through a tauren festival. It’s not my fault! Okay!? It really shouldn’t be my fault when the goddess herself seems to play pranks on me!”

Her seemingly ridiculous run of problems only seemed to magnify when around her sister, Rayne.  The two have been in a few tough situations more then once that required both.  Kadis even went so far as to blame herself when her commander, Jesana Moonfall, went missing while out on a mission through Hellfire.  Little did she know how far her bad luck would take her.

Kadis Starleaf

Identical twins with very different personalities. Kadis is outgoing and optimistic, while her druidess sister Rayne is more shy and careful. Even so, the two are nearly inseparable.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Sleeper Awakens - 1

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