Kharon Darksoul


Once wild and rebellious, Kharon took great pride in protecting her family, most importantly her younger sister, Shai, who they saw as frail and weak.  Many an orc boy that attempted to bully Shai found themselves missing most of their teeth once Kharon found out about it.  In all things, Kharon would give herself fully to those she loved, but even she didn’t know what to do when feelings of love clashed.

“I grew affection for my adopted brother, Grok, very early in my life.  Though I knew Shai felt the same for him, and worst of all, I knew Grok felt the same towards her.  I allowed many of the other males to court me, hoping all the sex and affection would help me forget him, though none succeeded.  One day, Grok came to me, knowing my growing sexual experience, he asked me for advice.  Oh how I gave it to him.  I convinced him the only way for him to learn was to show him.  It was a wonderful night.”

That night ultimately broke them all apart.  Shai learned of the encounter, and felt betrayed by who she felt were the only two people that really cared for her.  Kharon tried the best she could to make things right, but the damage was done.  As the three were liberated during the start of the Third War, they went their separate ways.  Kharon decided to embrace the New Horde, signing on as a scout for the Warchief.

“I found solace in my work, but I missed my sister greatly.  We would meet a few times, though she was cold and distant, often pushing herself into her vile warlock studies.  Worst of all, she became mate to sleazy bastard, who saw fit to hit on me every chance he could.  I was not going to hurt my sister yet again.”

It is said that time heals all wounds, and it was one dark morning that Kharon and Shai would make amends under the most twisted of circumstances.  Her sister having disappeared, Kharon bit her pride and called Grok back to Orgrimmar for help.  The two met with Shai’s mate, Korkal, and descended down into the burning caverns of Ragefire.  It was there she learned the dark truth, Korkal was the one behind her sisters disappearance.

“He claimed to have both my sister and Grok locked away somewhere, and that they would die unless I let him fuck me.  He ripped off my clothes and had his way with me, my rage only as strong as my embarrassment.  I had no idea what he was going to do after he finished with me, but in the end it didn’t matter, for my sister came to rescue me.  We sent that fool hurling through the Nether.  I have no idea, nor care, what happens to him now.”

Happy at last having made amends with those closest to her, Kharon continues to work tirelessly to promote the power and strength of the Horde.

Kharon Darksoul

A rogue who would give her life for the Horde, she spends her time stalking the darker areas of Orgrimmar in search of spies or saboteurs. The only thing she cares for more then the safety of her people is the safety of her sister, Shai.

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