Long ago, before the current age, the Darkspear Tribe was fierce and twisted.  Though under the leadership of the troll Sen’jin, and later his son, Vol’jin, had brought much progress to the once cannibalistic race, a few old customs endured in secluded regions of the Echo Isles.  The troll that calls herself Ku’jin knows some of these customs all too well.

Being the only female born into her extended family, she once took pride in the future of carrying on her fathers legacy, but that all changed when she learned the terrible truth of how she was born.  Her blood mother, a wild jungle troll from across the sea, was kept prisoner and raped by her father.  Though her mother at one point escaped, she realized her fate wouldn’t be that different.

When I came of age, my other mothers took me aside and dressed me in the finest jewels and leathers.  Soon, three of the greatest warriors of the tribe appeared and sat with my father for a moment, before turning to me.  The largest was first, coming up to me and moving his hands up and down my body to inspect me. The warrior then grabbed my arms and raised them over my head before pulling me to the outside sands to breed.  All three of the warriors were given a chance to breed with me that night.  My heart felt betrayed.

To take back some control of her life, she convinced her blood brother Zu’doka to brew potions that would prevent the warriors seed from taking root.  Though the potions succeeded, her seeming inability to become pregnant infuriated her father.  Soon, many warriors in the tribe came to lay with her, wanting to break the cycle and knock her up.  The only rest she found being the mornings, when she was able to leave and sit silently among the sands of Durotar.

“It was then I met him, Grokale, an orc hunter from the valley of trials.  He was unlike my people, driven and fierce, but oddly kind.  He was so excited to show me some of what he learned in the valley, hunting scorpid and boar.  I felt myself oddly attracted to him, and for the first time in my life, I initiated a sexual encounter.  He was so strong, yet gentle, his arms holding me not just as a conquest, but as a lover.”

Yet it was not to continue.  Learning of her romance, her father banished Grokale from the region under the punishment of death, Grok leaving her a single arrow to remember him by.  Before long, her father gave up his attempts to have warriors from the other families take a chance with her, feeling they were not virile enough.  To her horror, she was to be handed over to her brothers, who would take over all attempts to breed.  Zul’doka was set to be the first, but he couldn’t bring himself to the act, and was exiled for his defiance.  Without his alchemy, she greatly feared what would happen once she ran out of his potions.

After that long night, when her half-brothers were done with her, even her father decided he would take matters into his own hands and assure her place as mother to his legacy. As she squirmed to release herself from his grip, her blood began to boil over, and with near berserk strength she took Grokale’s arrow and stabbed her father through the heart.  As he took his last gasps of life, Luf’wa watched as his daughter fled into the darkness of the night.

“I went to the valley of trials and began my own training in the arts of hunting, with the name Ku’jin, for I was now the leader of my own destiny.”

Or so she thought…


Living under the elder ways of troll-kind, Ku'jin felt stifled and abused by her family. She ran away from home to become a hunter, in search for an old lover that she has not seen in years.

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  • Damn. Now I’m sad. This is also dark. Not sure who had it worse between Mira and Ku’jin.

    • Just going to mention but every character I have had at least one really fucked up point in their lives. I focus on that because sometimes the worst points are what define us the most. Ku’jin, for instance, had a really good childhood until she came of age and was to fulfill her “role” in the family. Don’t get too sad for them (well you can get a little sad, but it’s not all sorrow and darkness).

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