Kylasta of the Aldor

As the eldest of her siblings, Kylasta always took her heritage seriously.  She was born into the world of magic, and though her family were devout in the worship of the Light, the power of the arcane was always their most vigorous calling.  She often came to verbal blows with sister, Lakuu, over such.

“We never saw eye to eye when it came to the importance of magic.  I recall during the war with the orcs were would often bicker over who was more useful, her martial process and healing magic over my raw power.  I admit, I was a bit hard to deal with, but I knew it to be true.  I didn’t realize till later what a rift it created between us.

Once the world was sundered into Outland, with most of her family lost, Kylasta secluded herself to her books and tomes.  She would use her magic to help the various small villages that erected in the marshlands, though she missed the grand library of Shattrath.  The year the call came to take the Exodar and escape Outland in the wake of the Burning Legion, Kylasta decided to stay behind.  She joined with the Aldor, hoping to retake the city of Shattrath for her people once more.

“It was a long road, but we succeeded in retaking the city with the help of the Naaru.  It was a glorious day.  We held it without fear for many years thanks to the help of the Sha’tar and the Scryers, and when my sister returned for a short time following her escape to Azeroth, I was quick to show her what we accomplished.”

In time the Aldor and Scyers combined into a single force known as the Shattered Sun, and it was during this time Kylasta took her first steps on Azeroth much like he sister before her, but as the war ended and new threats emerged on the foreign world, she returned to Outland to continue rebuilding.

“It was my job to investigate any ruins and other things for habitation.  I also had to be cautious for remaining enemy sects.  I had the help of many allied groups, including the Cenarion Expedition, to make sure my work went smoothly.”

Little did she know where it would ultimately lead her.

Arcanist Kylasta

A powerful magi of the Aldor, Kylsasta was feared by many for her magical prowess. Unlike her sister, Lakuu, she greatly hates the orcs for all past sins.

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