Mira Sunshadow

Want to know more about Mira? Click the Image.

Want to know more about Mira? Click the Image.

The life of Mira Sunshadow is a tale of sorrow and loss.  Having lost her father at a young age, Mira confided heavily in her mother, an esteemed member of the magistrates council.  She would spend countless hours tending to the gardens surrounding her home, until the day Fynel Goldenpyre came into her life.

“He was another member of the council, much older then my mother, and acted like he was the richest man in the city.  I didn’t like the fool the minute I saw him, but my mother was smitten, and I did my best to play along when the two decided to get married. Oh how I should have seen it coming. There is only two ways someone becomes as rich as him, either through hard work or theft, and Fynel was never one to work for anything.”

It was only months after the wedding that Mira returned home from her classes to find her mother laying dead on the dining hall floor.  The death was deemed an attack by forest troll raiders, but Mira was no fool.  She went to the city guard looking to bring justice for her mothers murder, but Fynel had inherited her families wealth, and with it, a position of further influence among the ruling Sunstriders.  To make matters worst, Mira was now without family, and was thus kept under the guardianship of her step-father.  The place she had once called home was now a prison as she had no choice but to do his chores and cook his meals.  He made sure that she never left the house without him present, as to prevent her from attempting any further talks with the city guard.

“He saw so much of my mother in me, but unlike her, I no longer had much of a will of my own.  When I came of age, he laid me on his bed and ravaged me until the sun came up the next morning.  I took an extra dose of the root that night, trying so hard to forget what had happened, but I found no such comforts.  I knew that was not to be the last of our “relationship”.

Years passed until the day Mira heard a strange voice coming from behind a bookshelf in her mothers abandoned study.  She moved it aside to find a secret room filled with various tomes and gems.  Yet it was the orb at the center that demanded the most attention.  It called out for Mira to release it, and though every fiber of her body tried to hold her back, her curiosity won out, and she touched it.  The magical discharge shattered the orb, knocking her unconscious.  When she awoke it was as if all the sorrow that filled her heart had been taken away.  When her step-father called for her, she didn’t feel fear, she felt something else take over.

“When he mounted me, I dug my nails into his skin, feeling my body quiver as he yelped in pain.  He was thrown off by my change in demeanor, forcing him to back off from me, but I wanted more.  He tried to escape, but I took one of the table knives and held it to his neck.  His eyes filled with fear that only aroused me further as I pushed into him. I will spare you the details of what happened as I came, but let’s just say I was showered with more then just his cum that night.  I thought I should feel horrified by what I did, but I didn’t.”

It was then the voice returned now as if she was speaking it, telling her of the pleasures of killing, the sensuality of pain, and the allure of control.  She licked the blood that still coated the knife, and the euphoria that overcame her was greater then even the most refined bloodroot.  Peering outside at the walls of the great city, she realized that the once glorious lands of Eversong had grown sour to her.  With a torch, she burned down her family estate and the evidence of her existence, she was leaving, and she didn’t plan to return.

“And so my new life began.”


Mira Sunshadow

A corrupted soul beats inside the elf known as Mira Sunshadow. After much trauma in her youth, she finds twisted satisfaction bringing both pain and misery to her enemies, and holds an even darker secret.

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