Paradormi the Timeless

Paradormi, much like her famous cousin Chronormu, is a bit aloof for most bronze dragons, and a whole lot more mischievous.  Though at one time she worked hard to maintain the time-ways as her flight had done for countless millennia, recent events have left most of her kind weak and without purpose.  Unwilling to just sit among the Caverns of Time and let the Timewalkers have all the fun, Paradormi has hidden herself away in the rift, the swirling vortex from which all timelines and dimensions connect.

“Being a near omnipotent time warden has it’s perks, I get to see things throughout the past, present, and future, and how they all fit together.  One little event can create another echo among time so different from the one destined to be.  How else am I going to entertain myself these days?”

Yet sometimes her desires lead her to do more then just watch.

“I won’t lie, I may have altered a time-stream or two to fit my own ideals of how the events should play.  Broken up a few dimensions to save my favorite person.  My father would freak if he ever found out, but he is too busy brooding over the fact he helped kill himself.  I figure as long as I don’t touch the real timeline, what’s the harm?”

What is the harm, indeed.

Paradormi the Timeless

Daughter of Nozdormu, Paradormi has always been a bit rebellious. No matter the timeline or dimension, she will be watching you fap.

Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: End of Year Hatius
First Appearance: A Test of Time

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