Pidgora Saltrock

Pidgora Saltrock

Pidgora Saltrock (PI-JORA)

No one knows exactly from where she hails.  Some say she has the tenacity of a Bronzebeard, others say she has the fire of the Wildhammer, and even more think she might have some Dark Iron blood in her.  All that is really known of the dwarf named Pidgora “Pidge” Saltrock, is that she would rather keep it all that way.

“I left home when ay was very young.  Ma family was never the most understanding types, and they saw my fascinations with the sea to be nothing more then young fancy.  When I realized they ain’t going to help me reach my dreams, I put a sack over my shoulder and was off for bluer waters.”

Her travels took her to many locations, but at the time, it was rare for a dwarf to be taken onto a crew.  Pidge would often pay to be ferried across the Great Sea, showing her oddly advanced knowledge of seafaring, only to be dropped off with rarely a compliment.

In time her travels took her to the island nation of Kul Tiras.  Known for their incredible navy, she figured it would be impossible for her to be turned down. Yet being the only dwarf in Boralus ended up bringing only odd looks and ridicule.  Without any money to return to the mainland, Pidge was forced to take on manual labor tasks on the docks, using her strength to carry crates that even some of the sailors couldn’t handle.  That went on for a long time, until she met Robyn.

“Aye, the Captain and I met on the streets.  She was sucking an admirals dick for gold, looked pretty down on her luck.  I shooed the fuckwit away, and let her share in my lunch.  We met up later at the tavern for some drinks, to talk about our problems and dreams.  I guess she really appreciated that, because not even a year later she comes to me with this plan for stealing a ship, and she wanted me to be her first mate.  Aye, I never got so excited in my life.”

Now a pirate working as the right hand of Robyn, Pidge had finally realized her dream of traversing the seas.

Pidgora Saltrock

Unlike most of her kin, the dwarf who goes by the name "Pidge" never really liked living below ground. She was always fascinated by the oceans, and wished to traverse every inch. With little money to her name, she left to join a life of piracy.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: A Choice of Spoils - 35
First Appearance: On the horizon...

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